Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


Still working on my run. Trying to get 207K


Good luck with your goal. You like tricky things, huh ?:wink:


Yea, I usually go for the high score. I have all the high scores for the main missions


I’ve seen your scores. How do you get them? Even if I ran from beginning to end without stopping to take any actions on some of those missions I wouldn’t get the same time bonus you seem to get. Could you publish some of your playthrough videos so we can see an expert in action, or explain your strategies? I’d love to learn some tricks and tips to improve my game play.


I don’t own a recording device and I love being the best. I don’t want players like Kotti coping my runs

Scores speak for themselves


Did my run today: target down, but it wasn’t pretty. As on all Sapienza ETs, I started in the safehouse, got the free Mansion Guard disguise in the neighbouring apartment and went into the Villa Caruso. Picked the lock on the Observatory and went and picked up the bio-lab keycard with the intention of going down and getting a black bio-lab guard disguise so that I could openly carry/drop weapons and hopefully not have any CICADA guards as enforcers - that was the plan.

For the first time ever, I got caught sneaking into the lab (from the stairs at the bottom of the Observatory) in my Mansion Guard disguise, and that’s a Hostile Area in that outfit. The bio-lab guard who caught me went into Arresting mode and I thought that the whole thing was going to break out into Combat (and my death!) before I’d even seen the twins! Luckily I had a soup can equipped which I was able to knock out the arresting guard with, and then I broke his neck and took his outfit and ran for my life out of the lab. Was absolutely shitting myself as I heard another guard calling out, “He’s dressed like one of us, be on the lookout!”, so booked it as fast as I could back out of the mansion.

Found the brothers in town and after all my effort and risk-taking, it turns out that one of the twins’ two bodyguards is an enforcer to the black-suited bio-lab guard disguise, so couldn’t get close to them in the outfit that I nearly died to get hold of. Would have been mega ironic to have died going to fetch a disguise that didn’t really help me anyway!

At this point, knowing Silent Assassin was out the window already, I changed back to my Italian Suit and stalked the twins on their route. Was considering using an emetic in the wine shop to isolate the target twin, but after a near-brush with death in the lab and with SA already gone I went to my backup plan. Went back to the safehouse, picked up the silenced sniper, and then walked upstairs to ring Rocco’s doorbell before knifing him in his stomach. Stayed inside his apartment and aimed my sniper across his balcony to do a headshot on the target twin as he sat down to have coffee while his brother was on the phone. Not sophisticated, but the right twin went down and the hit was done. Escaped out the back and down the rooftop drainpipe to where the Mime does his act, and left the level via the harbour.

Record now reads 6/6 down (only just this time round), and 2/6 Silent Assassin rankings. Next please!


Did you liked this one?


I wasn’t aware. I will upload all of my top score when the new missions come out tuesday


I was reporting the glitch I found so it gets patched. I’m 100% legit. I don’t use this glitch


Sure, sure.


I did. Feel as though there was a bigger challenge to take on if I could still have got Silent Assassin at the time I found the twins in the level, and I may well have gone for a less simple and cleaner/more difficult playthrough if that was on the cards, but I’m a strict No Restarts guy so had to make the best of my situation… and with already SA gone I just wanted a successful hit rather than a clean one! Probably ranks as my second favourite ET after The Prince.


You might as well not try to bullshit everyone


Lol. Obvious troll is obvious.


Welcome to the forum UnknownGamer477. We’ve noticed you on top of the XB1 leaderboards a lot - many people think you cheat. lol Might want to clear your name if you can…


Bro @AlexNiedt wheres your run? Boycotting this week or what lol?


Didn’t have internet until today because of a storm. Uploading now. This piece of shit game robbed me of SA because of the breaching charge bug where you get spotted if a guard drops your charge in a box. It was a beautiful run, otherwise.


@AlexNiedt @FREAK2

Thanks, happy to share my greatness

I don’t cheat, I was Kottis Mentor long long ago, in a galaxy far away


Still labeling this SA because it would be if this shit wasn’t so broken.


I just came up with a great idea for the WR on Xbox one. How do I upload with the DVR?


Supposed. I try to have fun with these types of games.