Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


Yeah, that glitch is bullshit.


Record it (double tap the xbox logo and press x - you can change how long it records for; up to 5 minutes; in the settings) then go to xboxdvr.com and type in your GT, your clips will pop up and you can download them.


Taishon3946? Is it you?


Yes it is son! You have made the Hitman Gods very proud


and you can’t have fun while doing a serious run? ok cool :-p


I do serious runs for the actual eps. I consider the ET’s kinda like mini games.


Nice kill creative!! I need to use the weapon placement more in my game.


mini games that you can only play once. seems like the perfect place to do a serious run since you have a bigger chance of fucking up if you’re fucking around. but whatever.


Even though this was easy, I did like the fact that I had to be careful of which one to shoot. Hope there’s more ET’s like this.


The Blood Money soundtrack really elevates this clip


The fact that this is my first failed Elusive target has nothing to do with my rant tonight. I sincerely think Elusive targets are somehow boring. It’s always about doing the same thing over and over. There is no variety in the situations whatsoever. No possible accidents at no point did the twins split up to go to the bathroom or eat/drink except for that stupid glass of wine.

The dialogues repeat themselves way too often also. It was fine in 2006, but today? Meh, not so much…
Sorry but physically blocking a character and waiting for the other one to drink the glass breaks the atmosphere imo.
ETs could potentially offer so much more, it’s painful to see that opportunities to take out the target are always the same.

Distract with coin, garrote escape. :confused:


Yes there are, i’ve seen push kills, scooter explosion kills, all accidents. [quote=“TobiasRieper, post:640, topic:8873”]
it’s painful to see that opportunities to take out the target are always the same.

i’ve seen alot of different ways already


The only thing lacking here is imagination. Some of my best most creative kills came from elusives. I nothing else simply because you have to adjust to the situation. But then again I play with no Ui no restarts so I have a much more tense experience than these speed runners with full restarts full Ui


Agree, i think that’s why i found the twins boring, i simply didn’t come up with great ideas to seperate the twins or get rid of the bodyguards, so i have to take most of the blame for why it was boring.


Yeah sure you can push the mark off a cliff… I’m talking about the lack of variety. On the twin ET, there is one chance of poisoning the guy, and you have to block the guy for it to work! An ET should have 3-5 assassination opportunities to be entertaining. I’m simply not having fun playing ET, because it lacks these elaborate ways to assassinate.

So far it has been sniping, and bombing. Planting a fire extinguisher in front of a guy, and shoot it is not my way of playing hitman. I like my runs believable and “realistic”.


There are several other ways.


I don’t think you should blame yourself for lacking imagination there, simply because they did nothing, but wandering in the street. Like I said, no bathroom, no coffee, no pizza, no confession at the church or whatever… I think that’s a bit lazy on IO’s side that’s it. Next time I’ll resume the sniping


I’ll try to guess your “ways”

-distract using coin and fiberwire
-poisoning wine/blocking
-blocking in the street+bomb

I think this resumes 90% of the opportunities for this mission. Not impressed tbh…


I did not expect the two bodyguards, so i was a bit shell shocked when i found out i had 3 people surrounding the target and as you are saying, they didn’t do much, so i felt i had few options, i do not restart or use FE, i had the sniper with me as always, so for me the sniper kill was the best i could do.


I came to this conclusion most of the time too. Except this time, I hadn’t taken the Sniper rifle xD

What do you mean by “FE” though?