Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


fire extinguisher it gives you no body found, because it’s an accident kill :smiley:


Oh… Thanks for the tip mate! :smiley:

  • drawing the bodyguards away with dropping weapons on the ground
  • push kill
  • katana kill
  • care/scooter explosions
  • pistol shot at the docks.


It didn’t cross my mind… i don’t watch ET streams or walkthroughs, but if i had i would have SA on all of them :smiley:, IO-I could give us not so creative a few options… but on the other hand the ET would be too easy for the creative players… so it’s almost impossible to please everybody :cry:.


I agree with @TobiasRieper. I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t like Elusive Targets (or much of the live content, in general). This time, they finally gave the target a route again, but he’s surrounded by three fucking NPCs tied to his movements with no opportunities presented in the route itself. Functionally, the brother is a bodyguard who can’t be KO’d. That would’ve been fine if it wasn’t for the two other bodyguards already present and a route that is constantly out in the open. I guess some people (particularly the devs lately) want the game to be suffocating and punishing, but I prefer a Hitman with open creative freedom. I want to actually enjoy playing.


Agree (had to censor the f word though :stuck_out_tongue:).


I sniped The Twin with the Lancer. I was a little worried about using the unsilenced rifle but I wanted to make sure I could see the watch when I took the shot. With the blaring sun, the watch was sort of hard to see even with the zoom. Got the headshot from Rocco’s apartment then escaped via the church apartment to the boat. Phew!


hehe, this give some chills :smile:


I somewhat agree, but not for the same reasons. I don’t mind the guards too much especially when ETs are easier to distract than the main targets but the concept doesn’t suit my playstyle that well. I’d like to attempt stupid ideas during ETs but having only one chance and the targets understandably having more limited cycles makes thinking of a good dumb plan very difficult, especially since I don’t like reseting. The only ones where I’ve had a chance to try something properly stupid have been The Prince and The Forger.

For people who are aiming for completion or SA I’m sure ETs exciting but I don’t even care for getting SA unless I can make it ridiculous at the same time. In The Gunrunner I used an assault rifle in hopes of getting shot a bit to make the completion less trivial. I set the standards I have for my own playthroughs too high with The Forger.


That’s weird…the non-target killed notice popped up immediately after Dylan was eliminated :confused:

Yeh I’ve had that happened to me a couple of times as well (luckily not in ET), either because of bad timing or I got overly excited and bumped into them :expressionless: When that happens I normally beat that person up to let go my anger before hitting restart. :grin:

To me The Twins is so far the funniest ET. I love how I kept getting in their way and staring at their wrists (often in crouching posture to obtain a better sight) like a perv. Suspicious as hell. :joy:


I got a sniper from my safe house walked onto the roof dropped down to the apartment on the right and sniped the twin from there. Im not fussed about getting SA just want the suits.


I was a bit disapointed with this ET

The Twin twist was fantastic and I loved that they roamed the streets of Sapienza…but as others pointed out, their routine felt uninspired and roughly put together

For one there were no distinguishing character traits that an observant player could pick up on that would help identify the brother…is he a smoker, does he text a lot, does he prefer to sit or is a restless bastard. The watch was a nice touch but it just wasn’t noticeable enough…especially since the NPC arms swing around so much.

There were no organic oppurtunities to be taken advantage of…both brothers are interested in the same shops? can’t one stay outside and one taste wine? It all felt extremely artificial

Another thing that really soured the experience for me was the absolute lack of awareness by the personal BGs of the Twins

These guys are to be on the look out for any potential troublemakers and be suspicious of people following their target. The bodyguards should’ve been enforcers (Like the detective in the main mission) and should start noticing 47 as he follows the targets around
This would’ve made the actual act of stalking and learning about the Twins that much more engaging and challenging.

I love the ET concept, but I do feel that they just aren’t fleshed out enough.


Apart from their conversations?

There were some. Not many, but the opportunities were definitely there.



I was acting like an absolute weirdo in front of them (extremely obvious stalking, constantly getting in their way, crouching in front of each twins to check out their wrists), but neither the bodyguards nor the twins seemed to give half a crap about it. :neutral_face:

But I’m pretty sure NPCs do react to 47’s awkward behaviours (not just when he throws coins). I remember when doing the Paris mission for the first time I intentionally harassed a lady by kept cutting in her way and walking around her in circles. After the third time she started screaming for help and I immediately got surrounded by 5 huge suspicion arrows coming from various directions. :joy:


If you keep pushing them, they eventually turn hostile, just like in the old games.


Well it’s over, time’s up. I thought I would share my method, even though I’m not particularly proud of it.

When the twins made it to the wine shop I heard “Gonzo” tell Dylan that he would buy him some wine. I thought that it was the perfect opportunity so I got a waiter disguise and some rat poison and made my way back to the wine shop for their next cycle. I poisoned the glass I saw him drink from last time. When they arrived I was watching to see Dylan drink the wine but then I heard him ask Gonzo to drink it first!

I panicked, ran into Gonzo to try and break the cycle because I though that him drinking it would count as harming him. When I was doing this, Dylan left the shop and started walking up the street towards the town hall. I ran after him, hid in an alley, waited for him to pass, and threw a combat knife right at his skull. I then hightailed it to the car and got the hell out of Dodge before Gonzo could take a sip of the wine.

Should’ve just sniped him


I think I pushed the twins a lot more than the lady, so it’s really strange that they didn’t react at all. There was even one time one of the body guards was staring at the sky or something, sif he was hinting “Go ahead sir take him out. I ain’t seeing nothing.” :joy:


Awesome. Wish I had spotted this opportunity to get them apart near a container.

Love your gameplay style and subbed to your channel.

This is how I play too, for maximum immersion. I can only watch so many gameplay videos with 47 in an all-out sprint, chucking coins and fire extinguishers all over town in a mad dash. That gameplay style is impressive in it’s own right, but much more Hitman: Agent 47 than Hitman: Silent Assassin.


Thanks :slight_smile: This is the style i always liked the most when playing any stealth game or Hitman. I can speed run with ease, but i don’t enjoy the playstyle. Thanks again :slight_smile:


Here’s the video. Holy crap this poor guy.