Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


That’s terrible, but I am also in stitches. If that happened to me I’m not sure I could even be mad about it lol.


My god…I can’t imagine what that person feels lmfao if this happened to me, I would have lost my fuckin shit!! :joy: Just knowing ya failed from a god damn GLITCH, (that wouldn’t be MY fault)

ughh… I’d be pissed off! Especially since the guy “technically” accomplished the mission lol It is funny though, but to be honest…that really is not fair for a player to be screwed over like that :laughing:


scooter explosion with the brother you can’t harm in close proximity is a bit ballsy. Apart from that all of your arguments are valid, but dropping weapons to distract a bodyguard is immersion breaking imo. It really reveals weaknesses in the AI mechanics and doesn’t replicate something real to me… But it’s my opinion!


Yes it kinda does, but i like pushing the mechanics to the limit. But i totally understand that’s not your thing if you are going for a realistic playstyle with these elusive targets mate.


hey guys, i just updated to version 1.3.0 and when I look at the Elusive Challenges (they separated the challenges in the new version), The Twin challenges didn’t shows up. Anyone here have the same problem?


I and other users have it too. Gunrunner isn’t visible as well.


It’s not totally false. A lot of the information was old (from the alpha) and guess work. But a lot was correct as well.


dude your shit was legit(mostly) never mind them haters. keep doin you man


The Twin’s coming in about 72 hours or something around that. Be prepared!

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the only ET that i missed


Does anyone know of a reward for successfully completed all ET’s or maybe a trophy?


There’s no reward for completing all the ETs. Only a certain number of them, yes. Highest is completing 13.


Thanks for the reply, I was aware of these rewards, and as you’ve stated the highest being the 13 played, as ive not completed them all myself I wondered (or was hoping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) there might of been a secret reward or trophy for completing all ET’s


Can I get a quick rundown on these guys? :smile:

Just Kidding. I’ve watched a few videos on this, but it’s hard to make out the watch, but I’m going to guess it looks exactly like the one that Kraus Strandburg wears in Morocco. While the other doesn’t (wear any watch at all).

Also, Diana says that the other one can’t be harmed in any way. Would that include anything like being subdued/knocked out, or stuck with an emetic syringe?.. As in, would that be a ‘Fail’ and this ET a forever lost opportunity?


I don’t know about a syringe but poisoning his drink with emetic poison doesn’t make the mission fail.


Never Forget


You can NOT pacify him in any way. Emetic doesn’t harm him. Only makes him sick. So both consumed and syringe are fine.

Also, the target can be a bit random on his position. If you plan to restart, the target can have a different position than his brother at times so you can’t really be sure who it is unless you get close and confirm who is wearing the watch.

And yes, 1 mistake and it’s an insta-fail. No do-over.


Eh this sounds “fun” to grind for something special. :<


First time trying that ET for me. The challenge looks interesting and way more difficult than the previous one. I’m aiming the SA rating, wait & see :slight_smile:


seems an interesting ET.