Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


ok i will say:

are you … no i wont say. but we all know whats going to happen right?


I will be doing this ET for the first time as well… Now that I got all the suits I’m going in with blind runs now…
Hope I have fun. :slight_smile:


We are ready and prepared


My first go at twins too. I am doing all until the Black Hat, after that I either succeeded or failed.


This seems like the most exciting ET so far. I don’t know how easy the watch is to see so I’m scared that I’ll accidentally kill the wrong twin because I know they like to switch places while walking. :thinking:


To elaborate on this, since it comes up in other ETs, “harming” a designated non-target who cannot be harmed appears to count the following:

  • Killing them (duh) by any means. No guns, no accidents, no nothing. If they somehow die on their own it will also count against you, so avoid things like electrical puddles (not an issue for The Twin thankfully).
  • Incapacitating them. As immadummee said, this means ANY pacification, including Sedative Poison. They must remain conscious.

What does not appear to count:

  • Emetics. As noted, being sick is not being dead or unconscious, and the game does not consider it to be harmful. On a Targets Only/No Pacifications contract you can emetic anybody you want without consequence as long as you don’t kill/KO them later.
  • Any interaction with an NPC via prompt that does not KO or kill them. Like immadummee said, needles are fine, but since 2/3 needles kill or incapacitate the person they’re used on you want to avoid those. Emetic Syringe is fine though. Most other prompts are Eliminate or Knock Out though, so this has limited value, but still; you’re allowed to interact with the non-target, even in the hypothetical case of the interaction putting them in a bad spot.
  • Being seen by the non-target, even if trespassing. Of course if they’re an enforcer of that trespass area it might ruin SA, but it shouldn’t fail you.
  • Seeing weapons. They’ll just go report it to a guard or ask a bodyguard to take a look at it.
  • Panic. Unless the NPC is specifically noted as being a flight risk (like The Bookkeeper), sending them into a panic or lockdown does not count as harming them. You can blow a duckie and make designated no-harm non-targets run all over the place, but as long as the duck didn’t kill them it’s fine.
  • I haven’t tested this, but: Shooting someone non-fatally does not violate Targets Only or No Pacifications in Contracts Mode, so I suspect it doesn’t do so for these ET non-targets. Granted, there isn’t much reason to legshot someone you can’t knock out, and it’s safer to just shoot their guard or something at a long distance if you want to induce a lockdown, but as long as you don’t kill the target I don’t think it will fail you. Would be interested to see if this can be tested for science, but it’s borderline useless to do anyway so I wouldn’t recommend it.


This is a thing? If I Emetic an NPC twice they will die?
EDIT: Or you meant that out of 3 syringes, two of them can cause mission failure?




The clock is ticking… Get ready for the sixth Elusive Target Re-activation! The Twin will be in Sapienza for 10 days starting at 2pm CET on Friday 9th February.

Eluisve Target Rewards

Intel on ET #6 Reactivation
This Elusive Target has one objective: (1) Eliminate Dylan Narvaez
Note that Gonzales Narvaez (Dylan’s twin brother) is not to be harmed and the contract will be cancelled if he is injured in any way, including pacification.


Pistol-sniper kill of The Twin. :wink::sunglasses:


SA/SO by Cannon:


I told myself, I’m going to take the emetic syringe to TEST before I try it for real with a lethal syringe.

I got him… Then followed him into the restroom. I’m thinking, “Alright… I’ll just drown him.”, but then he throws up in the trash (why does this seem to be the default item to throw up in?), then I make the mistake of shooting him… Well, his body guard was waiting outside, then he comes in, sees me, but I knock him out. Well, I made it out alive, but not without multiple bullet wounds. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Just throw up in the freaking toilet!!! Dammit!

Oh well, at least I’m 6/6.


Fatal Punch into the Sea - SA/SO


HITMAN ET# 6 The Twins Striker SA Strat

Evacuated too fast,so the unnoticed kill didnt count,should have wait for 1 or 2 seconds to seal the deal.whatever.


Silent Sniper Assassin / Suit Only

And while I was doing some scouting, a new contract arose. Lmao.


Hey Dylan? Duck Off!!


Another ET, another SA/SO for me :slight_smile:
started off in ICA apartment, took the lethal syringe and the gun, and went for the docks, distracted one of the guards with the coin and the gun

then i poisoned the target undetected and went for the boat exit

this time i was faster :slight_smile:


I so envy you, guys, for playing ETs again. I eliminated all 26 during the initial release wave so I won’t be able to experience them with a new equipment.

I know that I can use things like family sharing, separate accounts but at the same time I have a mental block that stops me against reattempting ETs I already completed. I don’t want to spoil the memories, so to say.

Have fun!


Twin was the only ET I did while being away from home. I was visiting friends in Saint-Petersburg so I talked one of them into logging into my account and installing Hitman. Then we together planned how to eliminate the guy.

In the end, we went the safe way - Lancer sniper headshot from the Caruso manor Tower. We saw watch through the scope while twins were dining in the cafe and then pulled the trigger.

Escape went quite smooth and a bit Hollywood-ish with every guard and bodyguard rushing up the tower while 47 was watching them from a safe distance.

Good memories.


@Bending_Cheese67 did great job too, but mine is more cooler :stuck_out_tongue: