Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


You didn’t use as much rng as me tho huehuehue


My strat was SA/SO electrocution, I’ll drown some other ET then. :yum: I noticed how easy place this is to electrocute people, should have killed The Prince here too. :smiley:


I’m making NEW memories. :joy:


Indeed. When these ETs first came around, honestly I kind of sucked and didn’t get as much out of them as I could have imo. I think I’m enjoying this second round even more.


Pistol elimination


That’s almost how I did mine, except the bodyguard in yours must’ve glitched out. I almost got killed from getting spotted with the dead body. :confused:


Elusive Target #6 The Twin by a Push (1:25)


One of the bodyguards did glitch out, he froze in place on the pier reacting to the BC for some reason.


Push in the well. :wave::wave:


I’m uploading a speedrun, it’s nothing interesting, but it’s quick and simple.



Just repost video of your old gameplay. :slight_smile:


Elusive Target #6 - The Twin - Clown Drown (3:11)

Elusive Target #6 - The Twin - Back To Basics [2 x Suit Only]

0:00 Suit Only & Lethal Injection (1.48)
2:24 Suit Only & Fibre Wire (2.02)




Hatchet? You mean Fiber Wire? :wink:


No. That was legit hatchet. Legit.


What is this? Using The Big One?


i wish had so much more time tonight… but i dealt with a wicked winter storm that crippled our town here in SW Michigan, and i just didn’t find any relaxing moments to give this ET#6 another go after a damn good basketball game with the clippers :tired_face:… perhaps early tomorrow or sunday afternoon i can give it a go, i did scout it a bit lol…

seeing all these early runs makes me wish i didn’t have such a busy life on fridays… lol to be unemployed lol would be nice for days like this… but welp, not gonna be that dummy, but it sucks to see these runs, when all i can do is stare at more invoices :joy:

lol, perhaps i can catch up at some point this weekend… look forward to seeing more runs for sure :sunglasses:


A lot of amazing runs on the first day :clap::clap::clap: Thank you all!

Here is my run that I was planning to do before ET was activated. It was very easy to do. Got it with the first practice run.

Aiming to Twin´s leg which leads him to fall in the sea.


loco strat

bonus one


:blush:. I was being lazy by copy and pasting the description from my last Back To Basics ET video and I forgot to change the second kill method.