Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


You deserve to go to jail for that imo


You might end up following me. Let’s see what happens on 15 February. Knowing you, you will have copy and pasted the first ten contracts from the Trending page for your selection. I just hope you don’t pick any contracts from that crappy map, Paris! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am above the law.

There is a chance a Paris contract gets picked


I killed the target but didn’t get elusive target. Not sure if I should post results or not


Screw it. I’m posting it on youtube. I know it weren’t perfect but I’ve only got one account to try.


Exactly :smiley:


LMAO .That leg shot is sick.


Lethal injection RP, with an accompanying Blood Money-style newspaper article.

Tobacco Giant Collapses in Sapienza Streets
June 13th, 2019

State Police are investigating what they are calling the “suspicious death” of tobacco tycoon Dylan Narvaez. Narvaez was sightseeing around the town square of Sapienza early Friday afternoon when he collapsed near his brother and personal guard detail.

“I just heard a commotion and saw someone on the ground, not moving. I didn’t even know he had died until paramedics arrived.” says witness Lisa Almestoy, who was in the vicinity when Mr. Narvaez was believed to have passed.

A firearm was found on the scene, police are working to determine if it has a registered owner and if it is connected to their investigation in any way.* Forensics teams are awaiting the toxicology report from a conducted autopsy, which police say could become public, “…whenever we feel confident that we have a concrete statement to release.”** When speaking further with press, Italian State Police stated that, “We are not treating this death as a homicide at this time.” Dylan’s brother, Gonzales Narvaez, has declined to comment.

Over the last decade Dylan Narvaez has build a name for himself in the tobacco industry along with his brother, Gonzales. Operating factories throughout Chengdu, the pair have burned competition in Sichuan province and created an empire. Though rumours of questionable practice have surfaced in recent years, the Narvaez twins have remained unapposed in the region.

*the gun has no registration, and will lead to nothing
**the toxicology report will say that Dylan died of poisoning, and at that point in time state police will begin to investigate the death as a homicide


My not so silent assassin.


Ouch. That sucks, dude. Nice try, though.


If you’d just waited 2 more seconds… :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was a little hasty. Tbh I never noticed the dot on the mini map. D’oh.


Fiberwire speedrun


As 05prash05 said, if you’d just waited 2 more seconds…

I did see the dot on the map… I was standing there like; “Uh-oh, I hope I can get out of this.” The guard walked in, seen me and the body, then started shooting, I punched him out, ran, and was being shot at by (probably) all the other guards in the immediate area.

The lesson I learned…? Just go ahead and use the Lethal Syringe since the body guards will guard the bathrooms. I even told myself, use the emetic as a test run… I got too confident. :confused:


In hindsight I should’ve used the poison. Thought he would throw up in toilet, not the bin. Lesson learned.


The Twin | Sniper Push into Well | - Fails at the End
Shotgun didn´t work for me, so i choose Sieger 300 Ghost


This target is getting killed in so many different ways. Here’s another one…

Elusive Target #6 - The Twin - Back To Basics - Suit Only & Sabre (6:10)


Elusive Target #6 The Twin by Electrocution (2:24)


Very smart with the double sinks.


Why not go full loco?