Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire Kill gameplay on the way… Smile for the Camera!


Probably the last one for me - I’ve done 5 runs now! - but I’ve had a bunch of fun with this ET.

Elusive Target #6 - The Twin - Suit Only & Old Axe (4:07)


SA-ed this, but I did nothing special.

Gun duped a guard by the well for a KO in the church morgue.

Coin lured the other guard to the stairs near the Safehouse.

Thought about trying poison drink at the Wine Shop but bumped into Dylan and the animation threatened to reset with Gonzo drinking again. (Is there a proper way to do this? Or just luck that Dylan will stand in the first to drink position?)

Got tired of it and decided to coin lure Dylan for the Poison Syringe Kill in 47’s apartment building.

There was though a brief moment of excitement when I initially lured Gonzo instead of Dylan and then the woman who walks into the apartment building popped up at the worst time.

But staying calm and proper use of zoom vision to spot the watch (right mouse button with everything holstered) won the day. :slight_smile:


Sniped Dylan from the open balcony from the other side of town. Got the Blood Money suit.


Pushed the target into the sea.


Dude, you really should stop looting the performer. :wink:


Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire

This method will isolate Dylan away from the 2 Bodyguards & his other Twin. And you don’t need any distractions/alerts to do it, but you will need Rat Poison (Used in glass of wine for other Twin) & the Emetic Syringe (Used on Dylan) in order for it to work. You can also Lethal Poison Dylan in the same position if you want, instead of using the Emetic Syringe. Patience is the Key!

Last thing! Dylan will just got to the top of that hill & just stand there awaiting his Twin & the 2 Bodyguards when exiting the wine shop. That’s why with this method, you can only Emetic Syringe him in that specific area, as you will be caught by many tourists/local people past that point when trying it.



Damn. Was so close an SA on this one. I blew a bomb at the beach to distract the bodyguards and leave both the twins without supervision. Did emetic syringe on the target, he went to the bathroom to throw up, i killed him there. But then the bodyguard came into the bathroom… I managed to escape without being caught or spotted but one body found still meant i did not get SA. If i had used lethal syringe in the bathroom i would have gotten SA… Damn.


no GIF today, sorry :yum:… instead, a video with some dialog to make the run a bit more entertaining, lol…


Eluisve Target #6 The Twin by Scooter shot by Silverballer from the Apartment Building


both had similar ideas lol… i love a good fiery explosion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Made the same mistake using the enemetic syringe too. A guard came back as I was leaving the bathroom. Escaped but lost SA because of it.
My video covers my run.


With the bike. SA/SO I guess


How come the bartender does not become alarmed at 47 applying the emetic poison to the wine? :open_mouth:
The bartender is a fake NPC?


How is your grinding progressing?


Just spent 2.5 hours playing this ET. Tried to set up a motorcycle explosion accident kill but misjudged the radius of the explosion and killed his damn brother too.


My SA, SO, No KOs, No HUD, Fiber Wire run.


That was a fantastic kill. No bumping or cheeseburger fetch bs trick.


Thank you! Though I have to admit I got a bit lucky there.