Elusive Target #6 - The Twin (Re-Activation)


Have an idea which works and is not too hard, just a bit RNG. :slight_smile: Have to think how to make the video fancy though.


I really don’t know! At first I could easily do it when he turned away when playing with his mobile. Then I tried it out when he was standing in front of the candle & that worked too. Then it was possible when ever :smiley:


I am such a dumbass. Wanted to kill the twin from the top of the church tower while they were arriving to the map and stopped to look at the beach. Couldn’t tell which one of them was wearing the watch from that position, so I first did a run where I approached the twins to see which one had it. Then I restarted the mission and gunned down the twin that had the watch in the previous run.

Mission failed. I didn’t even consider that the watch would be assigned to a twin at random. Ended up killing the wrong twin.


Well I wouldn’t be using that cheeseburger strategy if the wine poison animation would only resume properly after getting the drink drugged between Gonzo and Dylan!

But yeah… who am I kidding? I’m no elite assassin. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bodyguard-Initiate’s Big One Kill


Einfach nur geil gemacht! :sunglasses::joy::ok_hand:t3:


Always does something funny and amazing for an ET video. Very nice, man! :smiley:


i heard gonzo and drugged… are we still talking about hitman?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hahaha… Gonzo, short for “Gonzales” Narvaez. The Non-Target who can cause a Mission Failure. hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes… HITMAN is a game that can punish just a moment’s carelessness. Like what happened to me when I was running around with a leaking Propane tank in my hands in an NPC smoking area… :stuck_out_tongue:


just messing with you, just traveling with my lawyer… but it was at this point that drugs began to take hold…


Dude just HOW?! I tried multiple times to do it on sight but no way!!
The only way was to make him move…after a lot of mess :open_mouth:

(upload in progress)


What an amazing kill!! :open_mouth:


Man that was a HELL OF A RIDE!!

"The Gunrunner" was a piece of cake compared to that mission :open_mouth:

I had to retry like 50 times before completing the SA challenge :open_mouth:

Hopefully that was tight but it sort of worked out, even if i didn’t planned to kill the target on that place :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the Italian Suit with gloves is mine now :3

A video of the final run is avaiable if you want ^^
Not a speedrun at all tho, it took me around 12 minutes to take him down…

Go get some food or coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy the run in full HD :slight_smile:

Album pics: http://imgur.com/a/HoAqF

Cheers and cya on next target :wink:


Worked for me every time. You can do it when he is on his mobile! As soon as he finishes playing with his phone, then put the rat poison in as he is walking away from you. Only solution I can give to you.


Like this?


Maybe it matters where 47 stands/crouches to do the poison? Maybe some collision boxes break line of sight and you were just not aware that you were being helped by invisible walls on the bar table?

Also possibly exact timing of NPC’s outside the shop? I’ve seen other playthroughs where changing clothes in the wine shop seemed particularly risky, and both that and the wine poisoning are illegal activities.


I just threw some stuff around and used poison.


Katana - No Guard Disguise


Exactly. I’ve tried like many times on many positions and with different outfits (bartender, guard, 47 suit) and still being spotted no matter what (moving, on phone).

The only way was to knock him off (but then the twins spot him) or make him leave the shop (throw an item with the risk of an npc picking it instead or put a weapon so he goes alerting guards outside).

Anyway after 10+ retries it was obvious that the wine shop poisoning was risky.

So that’s why i’m so surprised that Machiavelli did it so easily :stuck_out_tongue: