Elusive Target #7: THE LIABILITY (Year 3: 26 May - 5 June 2023)

Those are not two gadgets I expected to hear in the same sentence.

Point I was getting at is that his random spawn and he doesn’t do very much. He’s easy to kill, but not in a good way, if you get what i’m saying.

I’m picking up what you’re putting down. :joy:

Battle Axe kill. Suit only.


Whatever, just did not want to kill him by an accident. I’ve learnt that he reacts to malfuncting neon cube being turned off, so I lured him there. Just really need an excuse to use my Professional Screwdriver.


I did it. Not SA, not that well done, but I did do it using a trick I found thanks to the ETA.
The area you can create a leak has a downed Light Fixture. You can actually shoot it and it creates an electric current. That’s neat.

So, here’s the Liability, not SA (though with practice it could be), without a Taser item

I’ve also noticed, I’ve been really, really good at following the Year 2 ETs so far :stuck_out_tongue:


Too easy and boring. I get he was meant to die in an accident, but they could at least make his route longer and entertaining. Recording stopped during the mission for some reason, so you won’t see how I almost got spotted while trying to find an exit on a map where I don’t know a shit.


but hey that was good kill tho man

Part of his route should’ve had him stopping under the crane. To avoid making this too easy all fuses could’ve been removed except one which could’ve been moved into the safe in the club owner’s office. The number lock could’ve been replaced with a combination lock with the note for said combination being kept in the club owner’s possession and suspicious to pickup.

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I didn’t realise a year 2 was planned so i missed two ETs (the Heartbreaker 2 and the Iconoclast 2). I would have been happy to make a clean year for once.

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I’m not happy with myself. I just don’t understand why after i threw the coin to lure him near the canal doesn’t work, i don’t have enough time to annoy the pair of guard and guide so they won’t spot me.
On my main account, i secured a SA rank by reenacting the electrocution near the plastic chair to see if i could do it faster and i did. Simple, effective, clean. I wanted to record my playthrough but i’m not sure about the security when you connect your Youtube or Twitter account.

Nearly missed this one due to some dumb problems of remote control/play software.
But I managed to find another one and simply killed this prick again


It took me longer to try doing the secret exits than to eliminate him (first try).

I actually like this ET, since it gives you lots of opportunities to isolate him or he puts himself in harm’s way (ironically) letting you get creative with how you want to take him out.
Like I didn’t even orignally plan to throw the bag of bricks down (I wanted to snipe or electrocute him) but since he put himself under there and I hadn’t unlocked the challenge yet I just went for it and it worked.

If they’ll ever make more ETs or special assignments I’d like them to be more like this, where you can experiment with your options of approach.


I’d like to dedicate this song to a dear target of mine


This ET had more novelty than the other Year 3 ETs cause it was the first time I was able to kill him in whatever suit I wanted. I chose the Tactical Gear with Hunter’s Hat which fits in pretty well in the dark, gritty nightclub.


Hell yeah. When I get home tonight, I’m gonna kill him in the suit I should have been wearing the first time he showed up, and it’s gonna be a load off.


This one didn’t go as good as I wanted.
The initial idea of mine was to send his escort to the toilets with the Sieker, then get him sick with an emetic bomb. Since both nearby toilets would be already occupied, he’d go puke into the canal by juice bar staff entrance. Kill plan was to then stab him with a poison syringe and dump the body into the water.
Though what I didn’t account for is that the canal puking spot wasn’t where I remembered it to be, and thus some NPCs had line of sight to him.
Not wanting to risk my SASO streak too much, I just jabbed him when I had the window of opportunity and walked to the exit.

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Lester trying to save himself as 47 is near: “I don’t want to be premature, I’m not whatever they told you…”

But a contract is a contract. :smirk:


Done. Flawless, no unexpected developments, so easily successful Ms. Cleo could have predicted it for real.


On cod? No carp? That one in a krillion chance?

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