Elusive Target #7: THE LIABILITY (Year 4: May 31 - June 10 2024)

Yes, but it’s been a while since I checked that so I could misremember it.
EDIT: He goes to the longer loop around 16 minutes in.
EDITEDIT: The bag kill is absolutely possible, but for some reason it didn’t count the accident kills only Arcade complication. Still killing him in plain sight kept SA.

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Perfect. Even by the standards of the Heisenberg Parameters of Perfection, this was an impressive mission that went off without a hitch. Using @Monwil’s input, I finally attempted to kill the target by pushing a cement bag on top of him, and I got it on the first fucking try. I set two coins in the right spot to lead him to stand under the bag, but it turns out I could have just used one, but no harm either way, kicked the bag onto him and - squish! - that was all she fucking wrote. Even found a new path to get up to that spot from the roof that I’d never found before since I’d only used that method once the very first time I played Apex Predator. Walked out like I owned the place, tragic accident, perfect score. I can finally check that one off my list.


Hello again :sunglasses:

Playing The Liability today live on twitch:

Cya there :satellite:

Almost forgot to kill him just remembered and now I’m off to bed also I think this is the quickest I have ever done an elusive target I’ll kill the other two tomorrow


That was an interesting mission :+1:

For those who want to watch the live playthrough, you can watch the replay here:

(STARTING @ 1:00:00)

Enjoy :sunglasses:

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