Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Wishing and hoping with u as well!


You were actually good for SA until you subdued the target


He never claimed otherwise, so you are being an “arce”. Why do you feel the need to put the guy down? Keep it to yourself.


I think it would be fun if there was a challenge at the end of the season that let you play through a location and all of the elusive targets for that location were active at the same time. And all of the elusive target stipulations were in effect. I think that would be a fun challenge. The game would need to be a lot more stable, though.


Didn’t mean to but it’s not like it’s some “special” thing he did when the disguise and axe are right beside the target location. Lol. but if i was an arce, I apologize. Didn’t mean to be but just wanted to say it cuz it’s nothing special to even mention based on the afformentioned disguise and axe to target location. Lol.


The thread is for people to share and discuss what they’ve done with the Elusive Target. It’s not about bragging or claiming one way is special or better than the other. So if someone says they took two hours, got spotted thirty times, nearly died, and used a Silverballer in a guard disguise, that’s their experience, and no one needs to be called out, judged, or put down for how they played. :slight_smile:


My way was by far the best and most special huehue


Nice role play run on high difficulty! (And clearly no taking advantage of restart cheat option).

I do wish the game would up the ante and upon shoot outs and bodies found, it would be communicated to ALL security and make getting out a bit more tense and difficult.

Nice run!


absolutely. i even switched back to the suit in order to counteract that. i think they do propagate throughout if you’re just in the same disguise but it takes way too long.


Oh, it was such a sloppy mess. Somehow, I checked everywhere but the right place. I ended up with both hackers knocked out and had to guess which one was the right guy. I shot the one I thought looked more like an elusive target and I was right. I had left my Silverballer behind, so all I had was a Bartoli. It was awkward as hell, but I killed him.


I think that’s real cheap how they changed the “syringe poisoning” You can now get the body found and still result in SA…
In my personal opinion, the only time getting SA while having bodies found, should only result during actual “accidents” only.

For example:
-Dropping chandelier on target.
-Pushing target over a ledge.

Naturally if a guy has a syringe stuck in his back and is now dead, he was obviously murdered…


No one can tell he’s been pricked with a syringe. That wouldn’t be determined until an autopsy. The poison is basically made to look like a heart attack. The way the poison functioned before, it was practically useless for Silent Assassin in this game. Now it’s actually useful and fun.


I was just being a bit of a smartass :smirk:

Because when using the poison, 47 just sticks it in the targets back, leaves it in and runs away lol

Sure, no one would know he was poisoned at the time until an autopsy. But seeing a syringe stuck in someone’s back, that is now… Dead,
don’t seem like an “accident” to me haha


If you are seen using it, you’re in combat mode, though. I’m confused, haha. Oh wait, you’re saying he leaves it in their back? I don’t think that’s the case. :smile: Screen cap of this??


Lmao you’re looking too much into it haha

No, I know the syringe don’t actually SHOW in the game… But technically 47 does leave the syringe stuck in the targets back.

Meaning (In real life of course) if someone saw a dead guy with a syringe in their back, the first thing they would probably think is, they were murdered.

That’s all I’m saying lol but yes GAME wise, I suppose it’s an improvement.


I’m just wondering how you come to this conclusion.


He thinks the syringe is a bee


Mine was too very sloppy but I killed him and got out but with a score of 7,950 oh my. But I could give a shit about score anyway.

This one wasn’t really tense it was rather easy I just couldn’t find him and killed many guards in the process


Done but that was very dirty and tense

I killed 6 innocent people :

-3 CICADA guards
-The target + his colleague
-1 member of auction staff in order to exit the level with no trouble


I agree with Alex. The syringe works properly now. Blood money, it’s basically just a kill animation so you need to do it quietly, like a subdue. But now, you have to time it, even in public. I actually used it on the twins ET with brother and both bodyguards right beside target but distracted.

And why do you assume 47 leaves the needle in him? I assume he just pricks him and pulls it back out and takes off.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or that they switched it to reacted slower/later on the NPC, but has anyone pinched and got night of the living dead? Lol.