Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Because he pokes the target with it and it’s gone from his hand, and the syringe is gone from the inventory???:open_mouth:

That’s why I think that. Not necessarily saying that is indeed the case. Lol


So what happens to say, a fire extinguisher when you’re holding it then you vault over something? It’s not in his hand anymore but hidden until he’s back on the ground. Does 47 do magic too? It’s called a video game lol. What purpose would you need to have it still in your hand or in your inventory?

Unless you’re saying that we would need to dispose/drop it ourselves. But that’s taking realism a lil too far. It’s still a video game.


You mean, when you’re poisoning something with the poison, 47 left empty container near the glass of wine? :smiley: C’mon it’s just a gameplay simplification.


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That’s why I said I “think” he left it behind, not necessarily that he actually does. The FE is a different story, it just goes quickly into inventory when you climb or something, he didn’t actually use it yet. The syringe however, once 47 USES it, it’s gone.

But yeah, like you said it’s just a game, i’am simply just making an observation. Not saying it’s a fact though mind you…


I think it’s will be VERY SUSPICIOUS (and laughable) if target continued walking around with a syringe in his\her back :smiley:


Haha, the syringe disappears from the inventory because it’s a one-use item, not because he leaves it at the scene of the crime. :smile:


Of course. I understand that. But it would still be there with you IRL however, as mentioned before its only a game :wink:


Live now


I thought I failed SA when the guard saw me throw the wrench at his face?!


That doesn’t actually ruin your SA. It can count as spotted if you use a lethal weapon for that (and the suspicion meter fills before the guy is dead). If the suspicion meter doesn’t fill all the way while throwing a non-lethal melee, it’s not spotted.


Did a pretty standard SA/SO kill on my main account so I took him out with the Lancer 7 on my second. Obviously no silent assassin :wink:


Great elusive. Really appreciated the ratcheting up of the difficulty- they made me work for that one! Messy as hell, but I got it done.


Im getting so annoyed lol my hitman keeps crashing :confused:

Edit: It crashes everytime I engage in a fist fight.


I completed the elusive I went for the truly elusive playthrough with no restarts but i had 2 tries (Thanks to crashing) I did it with no npc icons and everything turned off so I kept getting spotted and getting into fist fights it got so bad that I was cba and I got to the room and shot everyone in it and left lol I enjoyed trying to find the room and I love more elusives like this where you have to find them and identify them. the intel diana gives at the start gives it away lol


I shot him in the head from behind while he was sitting in his chair.

Does anyone know if you could wire him from behind? The chair is small so I bet you could have done that.


Is French or English your better language?

I was asking if not using commas was a national or regional thing.


Doing it today or tomorrow. Got any tips guys?


dont die. kill the dude. escape. good luck.


Huehue Mendie such a funny guy


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