Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Fuck! I fucked up and let myself get killed. Is there any hack that lets me retry an elusive target?



  1. Started as a stage crew. Ran straight to the basement and destroyed the CCTV recordings.
  2. Went to Attic Room using the ladder on the 2nd floor.
  3. Subdued the first bodyguard - completely unnecessary. Did it because I hated him.
  4. Knocked out the 2 bodyguards roaming outside the computer room with the hammer I picked up on the way, got the card.
  5. Lured the last bodyguard out with the hammer and subdued him.
  6. Pricked the target with the syringe and subdued the White Cap before he noticed it.

My favourite part: “I’ll just brute force it with my 47 terabytes of rainbow tables.”


Man I feel for you, going to basement just to delete evidence and having computer under nose… Still you are my dude.


Pick the attic as starting location and bring poison with you.


Just completed it but where the F is my absolution suit!?

My rating:



Yeah when I saw the recording thing sitting right in front of me in that room I was like…:expressionless:


Most of the world uses points on thousands and commas on decimals


oh I see well I’m a french canadian and if i’m not mistaken, thats a thing specificaly in the french language cause I think that the English part of Canada use the comma


If anyone’s interested - here’s a deobfuscated and C++'ified snippet for decoding the message:


Does anyone know what happens if the camera outside the door sees you?


Works like the others. Nothing special.


Every time the security camera sees you (unless you’ve destroyed the evidence or the camera), the guard inside will face the door for a pretty long time with the shotgun in his hand.


Boring! It should be “halarm, halarm” and all the PMC guys come running towards you.


Sorry to hear that :cry:, i’m out of ideas.


YAME, YAME! “Guard is checking your ID”.


@igil08 and @Danger_dog_guy_7: You’re certainly not alone with this. There are at least two others in this thread, @ievi, has just reported it in the bug thread, and there are people on Reddit and Twitter talking about it.

I don’t know if it happened to you too, @igil08, but the blank scorecard you showed, @Danger_dog_guy_7, which is supposed to show your rating, is a exactly what happened to me. If you go to Career, Challenge, and move across to Elusive Targets, see if you have a tick next to The Black Hat challenge. I imagine you won’t.

However, rest assured that the developers know about this. A couple of us have been in touch with them via Twitter and they said that they’ve going to get the team to look into it.


thats ok
thank you anyway (:


Oh that’s interesting ! I have just checked and actually it shows that I did killed the black hat but id it dont show me "the broker "
But if I go to Contracts and then to Elusive targets it says "eliminated " next to all 5 targets i killed .
What a strange bug /=


Agreed. When I worked out where he was, I immediately went to the empty room on the opposite side of the palace to snipe him, only to discover the windows were blocked and I would HAVE to enter the sealed room. :frowning:


You are joking, right? That’s pretty interesting if true.