Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


i failed
im 1/2 now.

i killed the guard but killed whitecap next and the target ran out of the room.
by the time i caught him and killed him i got ambushed.
still fun tho.

hitman is a great game . when all these levels areall done this is easily my fav game since blood money.
i just hate having to wait for new episodes


Sorry, I meant to say that if you then select The Black Hat elusive target from that list then you’ll probably find that there is no tick/check next to the challenge to say that you have eliminated him and earned silent assassin (which I think you got). Compare it with the other elusive targets. Of course, it may be different for you, but that’s what I get: it says eliminated next to all nine, but when I select The Black Hat the challenges are not unlocked/completed.


If they can churn out elusives like this, why not some bonus missions for the existing levels? Like elusives that we get to keep and are called something else.


Oh my god that was the sloppiest elusive I’ve ever done. For once I actually had weekend plans so I didn’t get to it until just now. I started out in the attic and got a bodyguard disguise. Knocked out the 3 enforcer bodyguards and Whitecap. Deleted the security footage and shot Black Hat, then went to escape. It was then I remembered that there was an enforcer at the bottom of every staircase. I was afraid to take the drainpipe just in case it got 47 shot like in Bangkok, so I tried luring one of the enforcers away with a coin. I went to run past, and of course he turned around at that very moment. Instead of staying at ‘suspicious’ it changed to ‘hunted’ immediately. I thought for sure I was screwed, but somehow managed to get to the helicopter and got a 4/5 rating despite all that. It was the closest I’ve come to failing an elusive though; my heart is still pounding a little. :cold_sweat:


I totally agree with you. Now nobody in IO would say that in the future ETs will be available again. NOW. It’s just marketing.

PS explosive dildo would be an interesting weapon :smiley:


I was really sloppy on this elusive too. Usually I’m pretty good about killing elusives without much collateral damage. This one… not so much.

From the briefing footage it looked like he’d be in the basement, so I started out as the waiter and the first thing I did was take out the surveillance in the basement security room. I heard Diana say something about the target probably being on the top floors. Ooops.

I made up my mind to go for the Sheik’s outfit, as Helmut’s is a bit of a risk, what with the patrolling guards in the garden.

Everything was going fine until I realized the target had to be in the attic area where every outfit except the bodyguard outfit was “tresspassing”. I successfully sneaked past a few guards but didn’t notice one overlooking the fashion show. All hell broke loose when he spotted me.

I managed to take all the guards on the way to the target down and since I already screwed up my chances of getting a good rating, I changed into the vampire magician outfit and slaughtered everyone in the target’s room with the fireaxe… incuding the target.

It was very sloppy, but successful.


“Ooops” :slight_smile:. Good thing you didn’t restart the mission, you can actually do that, which is bad. You aren’t a man if you restart, I looked up the definition in the dictionary. I actually succeeded with figuring out the targets location, a tip I can give is to use the images and the video that the game provides with the target … from one of the pictures I could see that they were on a floor above, and from the picture of the surveillance camera I could see that they were up in the attic … and when the game started Diana said that they might be on top floor. I’m so good.


Started my run about 3 hours before the target left Paris, and successfully completed the mission. Now 9/9 kills made, and 5/9 SA ratings achieved (SA on The Congressman, The Gunrunner, The Wild Card, The Broker and The Black Hat). No restarts in any ET mission, in the spirit of the Elusive Target rules (IMO).


Doing great bro!


is there any news on this ? its kind of sad because the suit lol


Alas! I am unable to report any good news myself. The challenges still remain locked for me. :sob:

@Morten_IOI, @Travis_IOI : Is there any news on this glitched elusive target? We were assured on Twitter that the team are looking into it. I am certain that there are many of us hoping to hear good news.


It is being looked into. You’ll hear about it when we have an update to share.


Please can you confirm that next ET will be before September 16th? I am going to bussiness trip and I really want 10/10 please my man Travis say something I love you…


Why it takes so long to announce ET? Is there any problem with that? We waited 21 days for ET#9 and now we will wait the same for ET#10? Are you serious? Usually you announced ETs after 7 or 6 days, or you even released them in 6 days, now we need to wait 10 or even more for an announcement picture that makes no sense and contains minimum of information.


The wait between elusive 8 and 9 was because we received a new episode in between.


Hope we get another elusive this week, i want the blood money suit!


There’s not always a set schedule for Elusive Targets. By their very nature (and name) they are Elusive and will appear as and when. To give as many players a better chance of knowing when they will arrive, we have been announcing them in advance, but that’s not always a given.

There are more ET’s coming, that’s all I want to confirm as 100%.


But usally the elusive targets is on friday every 14 days and the info about it is either monday, tuesday or wednesday :smiley:.


You might be able to find patterns, but we don’t have a set routine. If we did, it would make sense for us to announce that now, so that everyone knew to look for a new Elusive every Friday at 5pm #FridayAtFive (that’s just an example! ;))

We judge it based on many different factors. I am curious about the announcement images. Their purpose is to give you the key information: date and duration plus a small hint of what’s to come. The minimal information is on purpose.


I’m so happy that you’re looking into this glitch! My poor, poor killstreak is hurting bad because of it.