Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


And i like it :smiley:. Can you guys go back to 48 hours? That’s elusive :wink:.


Will we ever be seeing something like this again for a future target?


Please my man Torben and Travis just release it before 16th I am on bussiness trip and really can’t afford to take my PS4 with me like on summer. Do it guys for me… I love you.


With Unknowngamer in there, and with the many PC cheaters on top in future elusives?


I want the 10th elusive target so baaaad. 47 needs a new wardrobe change for his birthday!


I want an ET in the consulate/cafe in Marrakesh, or Bangkok. I mean both maps are nothing compared to Paris and Sapienza, but an ET could be really fun there


The announcement picture made perfect sense. Dude was a hacker. he hacked ICA. Scrambled information - end of story.


I would love to see these also. I would even like to see them for the past ones, Busey especially.


I know, but 1 elusive per month… I can understand for example why ET#9 released after 21 days, thats gamescom and episode 4, but whats wrong now. I know why they are “Elusive” but more than half of the season is done and there were only 9 elusives so far and no elusives in marrakesh… I know It’s lot of work for 30 minute mission, but there are so many brillian places for ETs:( and i have no idea when will you use them.


We had 9 so far in 4? months, that’s slightly more than 2 per month. That’s not bad at all, you’re overreacting.
I wouldn’t want one every week, would make them feel less special.

Also there was an elusive in Marrakesh.


Ok, maybe i am overreacting, but i want them so much:((((


Usally 1 elusive per 14 days :smiley:.

The Gun Runner was in Marrakesh :smiley:.


I know about gunrunner, but on both other maps where 4 ETs and only 1 in marrakesh


I hope the next ET is soon, the last one before a suit is the longest wait.


That’s the good news we were looking for. Thanks. Hopefully your team is able to figure out what went wrong and fix it for those currently affected and in case it happens to anyone else with future contracts.


Yeah I really want that Blood Money Suit. The Elusives are the only thing that keeps me playing at the moment.


Hopefully we will get our 10th elusive this week?? I want me that blood money suit!


During today’s maintenance, we put in a fix for the missing challenges for ET9.

On our end, it looks good so far. Anyone here that completed ET9 but did not receive the appropriate challenges seeing them in-game now?


Yes! Me! And I didn’t receive my freakin’ absolution suit goddamn. You’ll make my day if I get it today. :ok_woman:


Have a look in-game. If ET9 was your 5th completed ET, the suit should now be yours.