Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Thank you! Now I can go to USA in total absolution style like back in the day. Nice! :slight_smile::+1:


Please can you quick relese ET 10 for me on PS4 im killerzelman please Travis my man I am on bussiness trip from 16th september and I really dont wanna miss please I wont tell anybody.


Haha, made me spill out my tea :stuck_out_tongue:


Should Andrej_Zelman get his 10th elusive before business trip?

  • yes
  • no
  • who is Andrej_Zelman?

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What time on the 16th are you leaving? and when are you back?

Do you promise not to tell anybody?


Leaving 16th to Hungary by plane, really cant pick up my PS4 for trip becasue airport regulations… Will be back on 20th


Yes I won’t my man.


OK, I think I can make this work for you. Stay tuned for an announcement.

Thanks for keeping it a secret, I don’t want anyone to think you’re getting special treatment


Ooh an elusive this week then by the looks of it, awesome.


Looks like we had to wait for a fix for the Absolution Suit unlock issue :smiley:, but i sounds like we are getting elusive target tomorrow or friday.


@Travis_IOI: Thanks for keeping us informed.
I’ve just downloaded the new patch (~6.7GB) and… the challenges are now unlocked: assassinate Black Hat and Silent Assassin. Yay! Please pass on my gratitude to the team for fixing this.

However, I’ve noticed that along with that the Blood Money suit seems to have unlocked. :sunglasses:
I know I’ve not officially earned it, but I really hope that I can keep it. :fearful:


Tomorrow? Noo, friday maybe.


You and @mungadungalis are at the top of my hit list.

EDIT: Don’t think I forgot you, @WRP_Beater, getting a second try on the Broker. You’re next.


God damn you people getting the BM suit early :sob:.


Got it!


Going to church to ask for an Absolution?


Wow! Looks the same as the other 2 suits, BUT WITH A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT COLOUR GRADIENT!!! :smiley:
“But Intro, there is a tie pin” I hear you speak. And that is a valid point. But since I’ll be looking at his fabulous barcode for most of the game, I don’t think I’ll even notice it most of the time.
EDIT: “but Intro, there are also gloves!” I hear you speak again. I have no comeback for that, congratulations, you have invalidated my response.


Uh, gloves…


:joy: wrong thread, please go to Piss of the Hitman forum thread :wink:.
Just messing with you :stuck_out_tongue:. Absolution Suit have gloves and that’s one of the reasons for us to like this suit :smiley:.


Hooray! I’ve now been awarded the challenge for killing ET9. Thanks so much for fixing this! It was really bumming me out. But now I’m jazzed.

(I should note that I still can’t watch the briefing video for ET9 any more for some reason. It says I’m missing the downloadable content. This happened with the last big patch.)