Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Yeah I know I’m just fuckin’ with the die hards who confuse opinions with facts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me too. My ET9 challenges are now completed but ‘content is unavailable.’


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I’ll investigate (with more than 20 characters!)


@Travis_IOI @Euler13 What system was this update for, as I have not received a update and my challenges are still locked? i’m using the steam client


I’m on Xbox One. I believe that PS4 received an update the other day, but I don’t know about PC. Can anyone else in the know comment?



well if that is the exact same update then on pc it is still showing locked for me


Sorry to hear that, the patch helped others:


they are playing on a different platform


Nope, Quine is PC.


ievi has the best profile picture hands down :+1:


if that is the case, then what am i supposed to do? maybe @Travis_IOI can help me?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: its the best


its good that your challenges are now showing completed mine are still locked :frowning: after the update what did you do? i have restarted the game, completed a level but its not unlocking

it says eliminated on the page but the tick no longer shows, in the last update they removed dlc0_patch.rpkg I think the content was not combined into dlc0.rpkg so when you click it, it says content is missing so you can not see the leaderboards.


Any chance you can grab a screen of this? On PC, you’re not currently able to ‘access’ (i.e look at leaderboards etc) for ET9. That’ll be fixed with the release of ET10.

The challenges for ET9 should definitely have been corrected to be unlocked if you earned them.


Hello @Travis_IOI the screens are below, I have restarted the game trying to get the challenge to show but it does not seem to unlock for me, I have took screen shot of leaderboards so not sure why it did not unlock for me.

Is there anything that can be done? or it will be locked for me forever?

So it shows i have eliminated him, but there is no tick

my leaderboard when it was available

my challenges after patch


Can you check it again? The challenge should be unlocked for you now.


Awesome I can confirm it has worked, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: