Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Hey, what’s that around his neck? :joy::joy:


The Black Hat SA (1:05)

123th TRY PogCha… I mean, 1st try obviously, this is xXxRNGMasterxXx not me Kappa.

For this strat to work you need some sick ragdoll and good headturning from the guard outside black hat’s room, as he walks towards the other window later and can easily see the body.

Dropping the gun was a mistake due to muscle memory, I was previously throwing an audio device after the kill to distract the guard until I decided to go full yolo hueheuheue.


Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat by the Orange Jam 2:54 (SASO)

I always wanted to eliminate him with that orange jam he had on the table! I wasn’t expecting him to eat it a bit early, I even thought he wasn’t even going to take a bite of it. Glad he did though! :sunglasses:


Start as stylist,Lancer kill.


Did this kill on the first release of them but didn’t get SA. So reactivation says:



It is not about rag doll or head turning,it is about npc behavior when panicked.The chance is 20 percent the target stay in that position where you could shot him in the head unnoticed.


You can shoot him unnoticed there but the guard near him will walk to the other window later and can see his body, happened to me many times until I got lucky heuheuehu.

Also for me the chance seemed lower, the run took 123 tries and he ran to that spot like 5 times, I wish it was 20% huehueheuheu #neverlucky


Guess I was lucky.It took me several tries,when i made the headshot there was no body found at all.The guard near the door never saw the body even once.


Wow same strats m8. Tho I keep getting f#%^*+ in the ass with body found. GG tho :ok_hand:t3:


Suit Only/Fibre Wire Kill Only ‘‘Ghost Assassin’’ Run. You need No distractions of any kind/No Suspicions need to be raised/Ghost past every single security guard/bodyguard with ease /No Cameras destroyed. Waltz in & out of there like nothing happened :slight_smile:


Striker from def. start doesn’t work?


hard to do headshot ,but it’s possible


My final elusive target run as the rest to come i eliminated or failed when they first run them.


Hello guys!!

After failing The Broker like a noob (full story here: Which Elusive Targets have you failed?) , i was determined to complete the SA challenge and avoid any electricity at all cost :smile:

Taking cameras down first…

Taking some people down…

One more door to get to the target. It’s also an opportunity to unlock the Vampire challenge :blush:

I coudn’t resist, he is so classy :smile:

No matter what, the helicopter exit is the coolest :+1:

I’m taking the guard’s rifle with me, but also my costume ^^

Aaaaaand done :smile:

Cya on next target :wink:


Next time, make a video :joy:


That was amazing ^^

I tried to lure the guard out of the hacking room but the target went out instead so i took the shot with the Vampire suit :smile:

I wish i did a video but i was too afraid of stuttering since it’s a one shot :stuck_out_tongue:



SA/SO/No KO/Poison (3:42)


“Upon further inspection, it seems that our “newly installed key-card needed door” has some blast residue on it. And with the body found in the bin from the horrific stench of the decomposing corpse, it’s clear that someone…”or something”, has breached our security and murderered The Black Hat. We should let Ms. Margolis know of our findings.” :joy::joy::joy:

Good job, dude!


SA/SO no ko’s, classic jam kill

Food Poisoning Victim Linked to Data Theft
August 8th, 2019

Paris investigators are saying that recently deceased Owen Wagner may be connected to a series of cyber attacks resulting in multiple thefts. Wagner, 37, was found dead last month on the upper floors of the Palace de Walewska of an apparent food poisoning during the annual Sanguine fashion show.

Paris police were reportedly investigating the possibility of data theft links early on due to undisclosed circumstances upon discovery, and only made a public announcement after definitely tying Wagner to an elusive alias known as “Protagonist”.

Palace de Walweska is not believed to be liable, authorities are saying that Wagner brought the source of the poisoning with him in the form of a rare brand of jam that he had kept on hand for some time. Police say that the death is being treated as suspicious, due to what were described as “distinct and peculiar items” that were found on the scene; investigators have declined to state whether or not foul play is suspected.

After completing his United States education in 2008, little is known about Owen Wagner’s activity or life. Police are saying that “leads are thin, but investigations are ongoing and we are looking for information from anybody who may have known or associated with Owen Wagner during the last decade.”


Took my time and escaped with the default suit as realistically as possible :smiley: