Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Eh this ET really does not offer much to make it spectacular. :confused:


This was my first time playing it so, I didn’t know who have to kill, subdued 4 guards, and i stood as a guard near the targets, observed the behaviour and went for the kill. It was good, i agree that the flavour and rush of HITMAN ALL CAPS is wearing down, i only play the game when there’s a new ET. Hopefully we’ll get some good sweet treat at E3 :blush:


“Upon further investigation, authorities have found a suspicious device connected to the “newly installed key-carded door” which allows access between rooms. This device was left in the card reader on BOTH sides of the door and was confirmed to be unknown by the second individual known as “White Cap” and the upper floor’s VIP guest, Ms.Dalia Margolis.

In a second statement, by bodyguard, Harry Ballzonia, he speaks of a “pinch” that he felt in his back just moments before feeling ill causing him vomit in a bin.
Forensic doctors confirm that an injection needle was inserted into his back but the contents of the injection are difficult to determine. It is said to be of rotten fava beans with a side of Chianti.

The case is still pending and is now being looked at as a homicide.”


I’ll give you the scrambler, but in my mind emetic injections are never noticed. It’s a pinch and he got sick, is that really going to look that suspicious when everything else is clean? (beisdes scarmbler)





For real though, real investigators overlook bigger things than that all of the time. I’m really certain that, in good circumstances, nobody would think that this guy getting sick means anything even if they for some reason (which they wouldn’t) decided to investigate a needle mark on his back.


But the bodyguard, when questioned, told investigators that he felt a pinch in his back thus leading to the doctors searching his back. But also the taste of rotten fava beans and a nice Chianti was quite suspicious, as that is his favourite Saturday night meal, so the coincidence doesn’t look so coincidental anymore.
And with the combination of the scrambler, there’s no denying that a 4th individual entered and exited the room.


Scrambler aside, because there is no other more realistic option to get in there without playing fire alarms and insane rng, I can guarantee that nobody would look at this otherwise airtight scene and take a mark on a guy’s back and a feeling that only he can relay to mean that a guy snuck into the room with a sophisticated poison syringe with proper dosage and intentionally made a man sick to cause an unsuspicious poison killing. It would be such a leap that nobody would go that route, it’s just food poisoning. I doubt homicide would ever even be contacted, they only cared because of the data links.


Well ya, if you disregard the scrambler. But I’m not. They both go hand in hand with the investigation. So you’re right with that.

BUT if you “really” want to go into an “air tight” scenario, then the guard himself would turn around after you pinch him. There’s no denying that an individual would feel a pinch into their back and disregard it. The guard would have turned around and put a hole in your head. Lol.


Well maybe, but then the emetic syringe wouldn’t exist lol. It does a specific thing in this game, you pinch people with it and they get sick without noticing you and when they’re done being sick they think nothing of it. It’s how it works on screen, so you can’t deny the game its own logic.


Well what are you using, gameplay or realism here for your air tight scene? If you say gameplay, as you’re referring to how the emetic syringe works, then why would you say you give me the scramblers? Gameplay-wise, they are not noticed either. :laughing:

I was just talking 100% realistically here. And realistically, there’s no way to kill this target other than using an alarm but I don’t think the guard will come outside if an alarm is triggered. And if he did, not sure if you would have enough time to get to the door when he exits so you can enter to poison the jam. Because if you were to enter when he enters again, then you’re stuck inside and unable to leave.

Wtf??? What are we doing here? It’s a fucking video game. Hahahahahaha.


Because the scrambler leaves behind a piece of undeniable evidence, that I kind of forgot about when writing the article. The emetic syringe is airtight because nothing we see on screen indicates that it wouldn’t be.

Trying to design perfect murders, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


Compared to alot of the ETs, that was pretty easy. I actually didn’t know who the Black Hat was before starting this tonight, so I was actually a little surprised how easy it was. At one point I genuinely thought it was going to be a double bluff by having the guy with the white cap be Black Hat and the guy without the white cap be White Cap.

Pretty standard method I took. Started in the auction, went to the attic, took out the 2 guards in the side room, then took out the 2 guards guarding outside the hacker room. Used their keycard and a coin to lure out the hacker room’s guard, threw a wrench at his head. Use the vomit poison on the water bottles, choked out Black Hat while White Cap was vomiting, then choked White Cap out. Snapped Black Hat’s neck, hid their bodies, left via the basement.


Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat by Nne Obara’s Machete 2:45 (SASO)


I amended the article. 47 made a rare mistake, these kinds of things bother him.

Police say that the death is being treated as suspicious, due to what were described as “distinct and peculiar items” that were found on the scene; investigators have declined to state whether or not foul play is suspected.


I think Silverballer from main start would be better if that was possible, I tried but couldn’t get him to expose his head, only his arm.


Has anyone found a consistent way of getting the target to eat the jam immediately? In one of the practice runs of the method I’m currently trying to pull off he went for it almost as soon as I entered the room. However, I’ve been getting to the room and restarting it for nearly two hours solid now. He just goes between both sides of the room or trolls you by walking over to the jam, looks at it, but does not eat it. Any ideas?


where are you starting from?


another SA/SO run for me :slight_smile:
Started undercover in the Attic appartment

i sneaked to the other wing of the attic and took out the 2 guards with a hammer and hided their bodies

lured the target outside with a coin and went for a lethal poison kill

went back inside the room and hided the body in the locker along with his friend

then i went for the main entrance to get my rating :slight_smile:

the run took me 6 minutes and half approximately. i really enjoyed this ET


The Black Hat with Flying C4