Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Smoke break. 20202020


Don’t know if this is a consistent idea, but when he was at the computer with white cap and talking with him, I threw something as a distraction at the corner and then white cap would investigate, which then would lead Owen to go back to his own computer and then eat the jam after he is done checking at his computer.


You’ve been talking shit about my cooking skills for the last time!


if he eats one time, he wont eat again.


He has found out that people are poisoning his jam. Now he has stopped eating.


@BernardoOne: I’m starting as the chef and getting there quickly.
@Pagan: I don’t think he’s eaten by the time I arrive. It just seems to take a long time.
It seems his movements are completely random. What seems to happen is as soon as I enter the room he moves from the left side to the right. He has a conversation with his mate which usually ends with him saying, “Take a 5 minute break”. Then one of several things seem to happen randomly: (1) he returns to his seat on the other side of the room, (2) he begins heading towards the seat, but stops half way, goes to the jam and just looks at it, (3) he goes to the bodyguard to mention about needing to go to the toilet, being told he can’t leave the room, so goes to the bucket.
@SpeedsterRunner217: I’ll try throwing an item for his friend, but when I think when I tried that, it kind of resets the routine.
Many thanks for the feedback.

It’s getting frustrating because he has done it once; that is, after the conversation went immediately to eat his jam. I could just poison it and leave, but I want to be there when it happens. It’s not exactly an epic run, but if it works it’s something I’d be really pleased with. I’ll try a few more times and then try something else.



just a straight shot :sunglasses:

full video…


Did some investigating. So here are some things you might have missed.

Edit: credit to @SpeedsterRunner217 for his poisoned jam kill clip. Thx, dude!!


This is really well researched. Great video, @immadummee47.


@JetBlackIris, here’s your clown drown for The Black Hat.


I’d post a video but it’s nothing special, just a Sieger 300 Ghost headshot between the barriers with 47 holding breath.

I suppose I could have done something with KO-ing both guards outside the room, take out the camera and then lure out the guard from inside the room and then maybe poison syringing the Black Hat, but I felt a bit bored about doing that. I had already gotten all the suits, so I figured i’d just try to shoot him between the barriers.

Worked well, no fuss, but not SA.


So there must be a large number guests and models missing in The Sensation.
Maybe… I will take some detour before paying a visit to Richard Ekwensi and Adeze Oijofor.


I noticed this first with the reactivation Prince et. The church and cemetery area had a bunch of new guards. Well they weren’t new. They were guards already situated around Sapienza and just removed and replanted elsewhere.

If you go to the bathroom where the guy is sleeping and has 3 coins, if you start walking up the path, there’s that 1 guard that walks back and forth with the guy by a boat and a wrench sitting there. He was gone. Going up the path, there’s another 2 guards standing and smoking. They were gone. Go all the way up the back of the clocktower, there has that one bodyguard sitting on a bench. He was gone. Towards the ice cream parlour, there are 2 bodyguards standing, near the default start spot. They were gone. And the 2 bodyguards in the bathroom talking about ether and Caruso having “travelphopia”. They were gone.

I believe they do this to keep npc count the same, (except for adding the new et target/s and et non-targets) and so there’s less optimization to be done.


did anyone else notice he never leaves the room like woww?! anyone try the dual emetic yet?

i know one guy here wont respond but just curious…


You can force him outside the hacking area…

–> Using a coin/ica phone to attract him
–> Depending who is the closest from your coin/phone he is the one who will come look after it
–> Use good timing to attract target or attract all npcs and subdue them so he will be the only one conscious so he will come.


He actually starts outside the secure room.
He can also be tricked into leaving the room if he finds a weapon.


Never trust a :clown_face:


pls note. uploaded at least 8 hours prior to previous one of same.



oh nice, thats interesting to know! thanks