Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat (Reactivation)


Test run on saturday, private link to vid


I actually tried that for my first run and it worked, but when he came out of the room he saw the bodies that were in the corner, so it didn’t work out. I believe he would have gone to Dalia’s bathroom, which was my plan because I wanted to electrocute him with the double sinks. I think I’ll try today again with the planned run. :smiley: :+1:


Elusive Target #9 - The Black Hat - Chef’s Surprise (4:23)

My goodness. This has taken me days to figure out!

For those who offered some thoughts and/or are interested, it turns out that he goes to the jam immediately within 5-8 restarts from the beginning. He does this once, then no amount of restarts (at least within about an additional hours play) will he go straight to the jam. If you miss it, then you need to Exit to Menu, re-select loadout, and Play again to get to that random occurrence to happen again.

Also, finding an escape route was a nightmare. There are way too many bodyguards in the attic! What were IOI thinking of?


To make it harder. Why else? It was a good decision. The attic is nothing special for an experienced player. I think you just got nervous because it finally worked for you so you didn’t want to screw up. Right? :grin:

Good run. Glad you stayed for the kill.


Having him go straight to the jam - so I could stay for the kill - is what has taken me three days to figure out; see my previous, “Can anyone help???” posts. It’s easy going in your suit into the auction area, but I cannot imagine many other players having the patience - or skills - to be able to exit to the left with no knockouts. What I did was bonkers. That’s why I asked what they were thinking of. I suspect having four bodyguards converge on that corner spot has severely restricted creativity and options for more sane players.


Elusive Target #9 The Black Hat by The Iconator (2:46)

After being a bit raged out with trying to electrocute Owen, I decided I would blow him up. So, I introduced him the Iconator and did it while disguised as the Vampire Magician because, why not? :vampire:


My Total ET count: 11
My Total SA ET count: 6
My Total ET Magician Circus Bat KO/Showstopper Dramatic Everyone Witnesses Accident Kill: 1


Video dropping soon.

Bonus - The Magician’s Pile:


Battle axe, sa/so no ko’s


To balance out all the no KO runs…

Elusive Target #9 - The Black Hat - Corky Goes Clubbing (5:17)


Fire alarm for the win.


Finally the Black Hat leaves the room (No fetch trick). This is what I did to do the clown drown. (Edited for some fun hammertime!)


new phone, who di- :joy:


Elusive Target #9 - The Black Hat - Back To Basics - Suit Only & Sabre (5:45)


You can poison him at any time when he is about to report a weapon. He will get sick with the moment after he reported it. :wink:


Yup, I know. Didn’t want to, though. Wanted to do a clean walk to the guard. :walking_man:‍♂️


H4CK TH3 P4L4C3!

Sorry for the fast chat lines. I guess one has to watch it multiple times to get the ultra complex plot. >:)


This is better than all the hitman movies, watch dogs games and crappy walkthrough channels. Gaddamn art mayne :kissing_closed_eyes:


Hiding The Black Hat to bathtub with Striker push. SA/SO/No KOs…

…NOT!!! :cry: :sob: :rage:

I didn’t have time to do this run right, but you get the idea. After the second emetic syringe it comes basically as a blind run. I wish I had one hour more time, but elusives are elusives…


Here are a couple of runs I did for The Black Hat. He doesn’t give a ton of options, but still can be fun.

First is a basic poison run. I liked the thought of the guard returning to the room to find the target dead and the other hacker puking in the corner. Something about that seems fishy.

For this one I thought it was poetic justice for him to be killed via technology.


That’s some next level shit. I’m very impressed, pure talent :ok_hand:t3: