Elusive Target #9: The Black Hat

< Elusive_Target/9 arrives on 2016.08.26th & you’ll have 1 chance to eliminate the target_file_decrypt >

@madjoki found this message in the picture: "AVOID THE SECURITY CAMERA OUTSIDE THE DOOR AT ALL COSTS! "

Hitman Interactive Maps:



This is definitely interesting.

And I get back home just in time to play it! :smiley:


Awesome if he has his own hotel room but could make it too easy (sneak to basement for master keycard and wait for his return or plant explosives everywhere :joy:)

I don’t know if the target will appear in Bankok :smiley:.

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True :thinking: i only recall the arms dealer in Morocco so maybe one more before the next lands in the Himmapan…

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I’m guessing this guy will be sitting behind a computer. Maybe something similar to the Basement Killing from Hitman 2?

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Aiden Pierce :wink:


For Christ sake. And I still have that game breaking bug. Why IO?:frowning2:

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Is that chair particular to one of the environments? I thought it might be a chair from the consulate, but those chairs don’t have armrests.

The one in the penthouse where you wait for Cross does :wink:

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So, we will have to kill someone, who shut down Hitmanforum two weeks ago?


True, but it definitely doesn’t have the right silhouette.

Has anyone tried running or decrypting that white line of code in the middle of the image?

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It was the linux system :smiley:, we can kill Linux :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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Maybe a deus ex tie-in?

Another hacker after Sidjan brothers? Very good

I’m trying, but it’s hard to read red on red :nerd:.

Ah true. What about the consulate meeting room?

Looks bullshit to me. int = integer = number. Unless it has int.Parse, you can’t declare a int as a string (words)

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Pratagonist = target name

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