Elusive Target #9: The Black Hat

Nah his name is “the target_file_decrypt>” :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways Imma scared, but I pulled off the broker with No restarts and I’ve only completed Paris once. Maybe I should have more faith in myself.

hahaha you are right! it is, changing the title once more :joy:.


Here, have some of mine…


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Omg thank you! I’m dying. Why can’t I double like a post.

I hope this target is in Marrakech, they mostly use Sapienza and Marrakesh is that one level they never use.

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Still hoping for IO staff as elusives.


Well I guess this is will be hard if they really concealed the Target, We must discover him with our own ?fffuu?

I wonder if even the location will be hidden until the job is launched.

I know about the Gunrunner Elusive Target, it’s just that 5 of the ETs are in Sapienza, and 3 are in Paris. Even though though there was HBoS, I just want to see more ETs in Marrakesh. I hope it’s not Sapienza at least.

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This sounds intriguing, but I think this is going to be another Ivory White situation - where we ramp the difficulty up in our minds, and then the actual thing is nowhere near our expectations.

They still need to make these possible for the players that don’t play the game as much as we do and learn every possible thing about each location.


If the in-house code name is “Kamikaze” then I would guess that he (or she) is Asian, probably Japanese. Not much help in identifying the location.

Being a hacker, it would likely involve a location with many computers and/or a well-guarded security office. The reference to cameras makes me think it might be the Embassy in Marrakesh. And, I bet we’ll have to retrieve a dongle or USB or something.

I try to do a Speculation. If his codename is the kamikaze, as someone said, he could be in Morocco. “Kamikaze” is a japanese word used in many languages to indicate suicide bombers. Maybe we have to decrypt a file to discover his identity and then killing him.

Why is he called protagonist? Is it really that Deus Ex guy? Because in my perspective, “protagonist” is Agent 47 in this game, so really should not kill himself.

“Good morning 47, your target is -name unknow-, a secret IO Interactive developer who decided the guns in the game would be purple. You are to eliminate the developer, retrieve a usb drive containing future purple guns models, and leave a note besides the body, which says “DONT FUCK WITH MY GUNS, love, 47”. This is an emotional one 47, good luck”

Now, wouldn’t that be lovely?


A bit harsh, but completely true. And I had my hopes high when I saw the black coloured silenced assault rifle.


It could also be that if you are spotted by the camera the target runs away or starts to escape? Or the second possibility is that the trip mines are activated.

Mines in an ET? I don’t think IO would be that foolish.


Yeah I really hope they don’t start over complicating ET as you only get one chance and they are tied to unlocks.

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I’m expecting the main complication with the ET is that the target will have “hacked” the briefing so that we go in not knowing what the guy looks like. Getting caught on this specific camera more than likely just triggers a lockdown or something.

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