Elusive Target #9: The Black Hat

You passed and sounds like you got SA. Who cares if it is boring. Also, this target does not offer a lot in the way of possibilities.


Finally being able to take my time to get SA in this one and without the shitty disconnections that plaggued S1.


True, but still a bit nerve-wracking, a small room and with a witness close by, it’s easier to loose SA than getting SA in this ET :grimacing:.


Wahoo, a day of 3 suits for me! Got an SA in exactly the same way I did in season 1, and unlocked Tuxedo With Gloves, Blood Money Suit and Winter Suit (this was my 5th HITMAN 2 SA, since I didn’t get an SA ranking on The Undying) in one go. Looking forward to playing with my ‘new’ toys, especially the Blood Money Suit.


@scat1620, pretty much the same here! I HAD SA in the Undying and blew it after killing him.

Got three suits as well.

@ingrobny, it is not difficult; it is TEDIOUS. Possibly the most tedious of the 30 current Elusive Targets. I took a different path than I did last time. Wanna hear something funny? You started in the attic and I started at the main entrance, but I took less than half your time because my route involved fewer guards in the attic. Posting this afternoon.

SADLY, I was unable to MUTHA FUCKIN’ JAM! I poisoned it but he still just stared at it. I took a jar and a needle with me. When he did not eat the jam I said “You are a prick!” and gave him a prick. Then I “dusted off” Whitecap and left. Took all mah shit with me too.


Just as I said I would. My 1st try I had set a handgun down on a table. But ‘White Hat’ telepathically communicated to a remote guard. He fast walked to the room, I decided to subdue the guy, but the door opened and I was spotted. 2nd try… See screenshots below. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love that you managed to have some fun with this one.


Plus I took my time observing the target and I also went down to the basement to see if I had disabled all surveillance recorders before I exited behind the kitchen, I’m not in hurry when I play ET’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I went to the basement at the start. That camera caught me last time and I had to go to the basement anyway. Was not messing around. Also, I did not have a gun when I got upstairs.

I watched my old run this week and I planned my ways to the attic last night.

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Oh God, I missed out on a SA/SO due to a mysterious found body at some point. I suspect it was a guard who was walking to where I’d just knocked out another guard. He must have spotted him a fraction of a second before I got him. No found body indication or anything.

Grrrr I should have never have taken the chance and started again. That SA indicator can’t come soon enough.


All righty. My equipment for the mission. Used Terminus suit because I had to repair my stained original mission of 3 years and how I miserably losed SA rating.

Lured a CICADA guy all the way from the fountain to the garden close to the left exit of the palace and entered all the way to the attic through the parking lot.

Entered to the attic through the ladder close to the office where the briefcase is.

Let the KO fest begin! Eventually, I found the baldy who ruined my SA last time and found the keycard.

Got lucky and the first fella I lured out of the room was him. He is a black hat hacker, and 47 is a cut throat businessman, literally.

Still, entered the room, KO Whitecap and the oher guard and placed Blackhat’s body inside the box.

Went all the way back for my stuff and exited the mission with the closest gate.

No score pic but took me more than 38 minutes. Still got SA. All cool.


I can’t be sure but I guess he used to eat the jam during S1 version. Maybe was changed.

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I think he did, I saw a run from Hitman 1 and he poisoned the jam and the target ate from the jar.

Totally agree, especially when it comes to ET’s, since we have only one shot and completed ET’s is never playable again, I’m always nervous when I exit a ET mission, so a status indicator is welcome.


The target definitely eats from the jam, I did it last year.

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dammit IO! Why did you change it?

All we wanted to do was


Bloody last piss in the corner you’ll ever take son!


Congrats on suit only! I did it last time and I know it takes extra work.


Dude … where’s my car?


I like this new blur effect.


First time I played this ET, but it feels like a throwback nonetheless. Identifying the target was so easy it felt like a trap. Whitecap wearing a white cap? Nooooo!

The changes to the map felt significant even though they were small.
Yes, I enjoyed this ET. Gave him the axe to the head after luring him out with a briefcase and KO’ing the three guards in the area. Shot out a camera on the way. SA and two new suits.

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