Elusive Target #9: The Black Hat

Exactly the reason he could never have such a flashy suit and a FUCKING BAR CODE on his head. Also why 007 would likely look more like a bookkeeper and less like a heart throb. Which guy is a pretty lady more likely to remember? Arthur Edwards? Or Pierce Brosnan?

He also needs to lay low, and when there is a black tie prescribed on the invitation (Paris, Sgail), he sure can’t just pick an ordinary suit, or he’s gonna be a laughing stock of the evening for dressing incorrectly for the occassion. Same with other location specific outfits, can’t do much silent assassining, when everyone is pointing at you, saying “look at this weirdo, sweating here in full suit” :wink:


idk where to put this, but i never realized how crazy the physics are on the BM suit. i tested it out, and although the cloth physics are less realistic, they are much “wilder” than the new H2 signature suit.

i will post images in a few


My argument is pretty simple, I think. More focus on weapons (this is “Hitman”) less on suits.

Wanna change it up a bit when necessary, cool (coat for cold, specific outfit for a certain event) :+1:

When do we really need to dress as a fuckin cowboy or a goddamn clown for crying out loud :joy: Sure, it’s fun but I’d gladly trade those in for NEW unique weapons. That’s all I’m trying to say.

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Bring the 5mm concealable pistol if you have it unlocked. It can get passed frisks and you can take out that camera with it.


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This went very smoothly for me.


this is what i meant by the wildness of BM suit’s physics. the new sig suit’s physics are much more realistic, but i appreciate the BM suit for being brave and ahead of its time

extent of BM suit (tested on the windy cliff in Hokkaido)

extent of sig suit:


He gon’ freeze his ass off in that wind!

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I thought about that for a couple of seconds. Came up with a different plan that worked for me. Did not take a gun upstairs but the camera was still no issue.

Silent Assassin, yay! Took out the guards around VIP room, then chucked the concussion duck in. Bang. Flash. (Neck) Snap.

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On the floor looking at the face!

47 could disguise as a stripper and nobody would give a shit but god forbid he skips out on his 16-piece suit in fucking Morocco to blend in


That would be disguises (not his traditional trademark suit which I was referring to.) :grin:

What a difference a year makes…



Bug in the end nearly cost me… but in the end it was manageable.


I never said that? Yes, again–disguises. I’m talking about the suit he practically is known for, come on now lol

Male or female stripper? :smirk:
Makes a hell of a difference.


I ended up being spotted by that camera a lot. There is no real penalty if you can destroy the Security Footage later.

Just be mindful that in H2 Ruleset illegal activity (Trespassing, Subduing, Shooting weapon, etc) will now also cause Combat if seen by the camera unlike in H2016.

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I really wanted to try something different from everyone else, and decided I would try and snipe the Black Hat.
I went with the Druzhina since I don’t typically use unsilenced snipers. I didn’t really practice, so it’s success really surprised me, enough that I hadn’t thought of the escape part!


(I don’t know how to embed the video, and I can edit if I learn how)

Afterwards, I realized I should just let the guards escort me for trespassing, but then things got escalated!


No…? I asked what are they doing with my precious 47 (meaning; having him in ridiculous outfits that I hope don’t become unlocks.) :upside_down_face:

No… the traditional suit. You know… before your time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welp, I don’t wish to further derail (my apologies everyone) feel free to PM if you wish to discuss this ridiculous discussion further lmao

Nice shot! It’s too bad you didn’t get out without being engaged bit still cool snipe.