Elusive Target #9: The Black Hat

Community had a lot of practice during S1 when it was released episodically and everyone shared their finding on the forum. Mostly it was about reading forum, watching others and experimenting yourself.

For example, not for HMF, I’d have never found leg shots.

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But wasn in the first season was an analogue of shaman powder?

Don’t know if it present on a pic, but I love strawberry jam, so I’m on it :slight_smile:
Pear and apple jam I will take too as well :slight_smile:


Ah, that’s a shame, they must have changed it since Hitman 1, this is from 2016:

I’m good with cheep strawberry jam, on 5th row there :wink:.

I like some of that Raspberry jam.

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HITMAN™ 2 - Elusive Target: The Black Hat SA 1:39
Special thanks to @immadummee47 , who explained to me the mechanics of shaman powder (it is necessary to throw in the head of the NPC, not near him).

Here it is guys, enjoy :slight_smile:

Notes: I also wanted to thank IOI for tweaking their trespassing system: changing “Never Spotted” to “Never Compromised” definitely is better and makes sense.

You don’t have to lose your SA rank if you get seen by a guard, unless doing something criminal!

I know it somehow broke the game for some of us but if you play the game normally there’s nothing wrong with that new “Never Compromised” system. Plus it allow new ways of playing without the fear of losing SA :+1:

Now awaiting the SA indicator and it’ll be great :blush:

A minute of silence for the target i’ve missed in Hawke’s Bay. I’m still inconsolable. RIP :sob:


The target was enclosed by some bullet proof baffles,with one entrance only.How could we kill the target without getting inside the room?Or even entering the building?


Think that’s bad? A lot of people missed Sean Bean (including me), that’s bringing me to tears. :sob: :sob: :sob:

btw I also can’t wait for SA indicator.


I’ve noticed a similar occurrence, at least in Isle of Sgail, where you can hear conversations from NPCs that you aren’t even in the same room with. And it sounds like you’re right next to them.

I can’t help but to think the conversation could be coming from the 2nd floor (or same floor where you get the fireworks remote).

Edit: Was it 2 male voices?

If it were female voices - I’m sure you’d know this if it were the case - but maybe Dahlia and Hailey?

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I feel ya bruh. Sean Bean is definitely the Elusive Target to not miss!

What tears me apart for the Politician is that was my most perfected and dedicated run of all, in my favourite location.

But if i’ve missed Sean Bean too, i think i’d need a medical support :smile:

Sean Bean and The Politician, the two Elusive Targets that i’d regret to not play on HITMAN™ 2.

P.S.: Sean Bean will be back :wink:


He still did, but he only eat the Jam once at the beginning just like in 2016

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btw missed your stream.

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I eventually found the source of the conversation. Given it has fairly limited dialogue, I’ve spent way too long on this ET. But the good news is that the dialogue video should be coming any moment soon…


SA/SO poison kill

started in the attic location

knock out all the guards hiding their bodies
then went for the room with the target, took out the camera and the 2 guards in the area

then inside the room i went for my poison kill. then knock out the other guy and after i disposed the bodies in the crate

then went for the main exit for another SA rating


Finally! :partying_face: This was a great target. I thought the dialogue was excellent, but you might feel that the time I’ve taken to put it together doesn’t correlate with the final outcome, so please keep expectations in-check. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Elusive Target #6 -The Black Hat - Dialogue

Now it’s time for me to complete this ET myself (on my main account)!


Sorry for the double post. I was keen to pull of my preferred style: suit only, no knockout, no alert, for this one.

Elusive Target #6 - The Black Hat - Suit Only (2.33)


I make my own. Very simple - frozen mixed berries and jam-making sugar, one to one by weight in the breadmakers. Best jam I’ve ever had!

Having failed due to the punch-glitch before I was ridiculously cautious this time. Start in the auction, run into the attic and one-by-one knock out every guard on that side of the attic, shoot the cameras, lure the last guard out then one of the hackers. Subdued all with the feather duster. Worked out the target by placing next to the hiding spot, snap neck, job done, 1880th on the leaderboards as a result! But I got the suit, all SA so far.


Bonne Maman all the way.