Elusive Target #9: THE HEARTBREAKER (Year 3, 17 - 27 March 2023)

I missed this because I thought it was only fow who didn’t play it the first time :pensive: Today I noticed I was wrong

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I’m 98% sure they’ll reactivate it, since they’ve done that for Hitman 2 and Hitman 3 Year 1 already.

You just have to hope youll be free whenever that time rolls around again (probably in November/December, or as filler content in 2023).

I’ve got the Politician and the Black Hat in H3 failed. The Politician I tried to electrocute via car battery and broken fish tank, and electrocuted myself instead. Whoops. The Black Hat, I tried to take out some guards with a fire extinguisher, and killed myself instead. Whoops!

I’ve got no one to blame but myself for dicking around in an ET. The laughs were worth the permanent “failed” icons.

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yeah. It happens. I shot the black hat with a sniper rifle and took off. No one ever say me but it absolutely was not SA (though I think it was suit only as I didn’t need to change from the starting disguise). The one I failed was the Bookkeeper I think (the one in Colorado). I shot the guy and have the challenge for it, but I got spotted leaving and got shot by everyone on the level. No cool hat for me. :frowning:

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Not to derail the thread here, but oh man do I love that Colorado suit & hat. That ET is ridiculous though. Pretty sure you can only SA that if you really know what you’re doing and have some more advanced tools at your disposal (micro taser, fart case etc). No idea how players got SA on the Bookkeeper when he first came out. Propane flask I guess?

Long story short it’s cool to play these H1 ETs with all our gear. But I also wish I’d caught most of them during season 1.

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I certainly don’t know. I wasn’t playing it then. I do know that I took out the Heartbreaker (to bring things back on topic) exactly the same way both times. Nothing creative, nothing clever.

Fire Extinguisher and a Breaching Charge. Forget the Challenges for SA, SO, SASO and Sniper Assassin: the tried and tested FE/BC were the real Classics of HITMAN (2016).


I don’t mind replaying as #2 since it gives me a chance to eliminate targets via new approach. Its just a pity I didn’t think to weapon lure The Heartbreaker into the freezer; instead I lured him to the office next to the tunnel between the sniper tower and the parking area where I simply shot him. So unorigional.

Reuse the entire mission, just change the target name to “The Dying”, replace Sean Bean with the Owen Cage model (Patient Zero), remove ALL of Sean Bean’s dialogue replacing it with zombie grunts and there you go! Problem solved. :sweat_smile:


I am pretty sure this has been discussed on this forum, but what is this whole #2 thing going for? i have been supporting these games since 2016, i have killed all of the targets that were reactivated in hitman 3 multiple times in previous 2 games (all except hitman 3 targets obviously) but i will have to look at 16 missed targets now, because i didn’t want to buy the game twice, the only people the whole #2 thing benefits, is the ones who failed the targets, while it may be comforting to play them if you failed them, but doesn’t that perish the whole concept of “ELUSIVE” targets? which are the least elusive they have ever been, at least let me transfer the targets i have eliminated multiple times to the third game, since this game is the one that counts by being the last in the trilogy, i am really butthurt guys, can’t be alone on this…

The reason that IOI gave for doing this is that if they just rereleased The Heartbreaker, the only players who would be able to play it were the new players or those who had missed it the first time it was available. Putting it in as a #2 effectively means that it is a unique Elusive Target that all players could now play - new Steam players, existing Epic players who had already completed or failed it, and anyone who missed it the first time around.

You say that you “will have to look at 16 missed targets now because [you] didn’t want to buy the game twice”. Well you waited a full year to buy the game and therefore missed that year’s worth of content. Steam was apparently so important for you that you now get to look at those 16 missed targets. You could have bought the game a year ago and played them all instead.


I have all my hitman game on steam, starting with codename 47, also i said that i have eliminated those targets in previous games, some of them multiple times, i even have the challenges for them in the third game, what io could have done, was just reactivating those targets, i dunno, like they did all the times before lol, if you can play them after you fail them, they are not elusive anymore, i can’t believe that actually scary contracts that were accessible for 48 hours only and arrived randomly, turned into this joke.

You do you. I’ve never understood the whole “all my games in one place” logic. All my games are “in one place too” - they’re on my computer. If you want Hitman 3 to be available in the Steam application, just add the executable. Whatever though. That’s not the point.

If you are just saying that the Elusive Target system is no longer what you liked back in 2016, Ok, I guess that’s fair, but the release window changed several years ago now. The new Elusive Target Arcade mode, whether you like the complications or not, makes those levels playable pretty much at will (or will as they release them all over time).

Reactivating the targets from Hitman 3 would have resulted in players who already played those targets not being able to replay them if they’d already completed or failed them. That’s just how IOI decided to do it. Plus, with all of the ways to pre-empt a failed Elusive Target by pulling the network, crashing the game, or some other trick, the Elusive Targets weren’t all that “elusive” to begin with. It’s not “scary” if you can just redo it over and over and over until you get it right.


Does that mean every player has the word “missed” either “heartbreaker” or “heartbreaker 2” pls let me know if that’s the case

Not every player. I, for example, completed both the first one and the second one so neither are missed for me. If you only bought the game on Steam the last month, then the original one says “Missed” while the #2 one (presumably) you did.

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Philo Newtomb


Are you able to get him there without taking a disguise and without using the gun lure trick?

TIL the bodyguard added by the stairway to cinema doesn’t actually stop you from going in whatsoever.

As for my attempt, I just went with killing him using his own poison because I realised I have never actually make proper use of the scrapbook during my runs. Not my flashiest poison kill on Newcombe, but I don’t like risking too much during a live ET.


As expected, when it is the same elusive target for the third year and the third time, I would like to see some objectives.
I wonder if there will be any implementation of a challenge reward only for the third year elusive target.
For example, it would be interesting to see if the Heartbreaker suit is the reward for completing the mission this time.

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So far the Y3 ETs have nothing that makes them any way different from Y2 ETs other than them being playable again. No new unlocks at all.

Though having some ET-inspired suits could be neat. Gimme the Entertainer drip dammit (with the hat obviously).

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