Elusive Target Arcade

I see him doing a fine job in Berlin as well. The dark and technoid club atmosphere, and he’s in a room torturing his prey that 47 has to save. Or he goes on a stabbing spree. One could hear him gouging people ‘stab stab stab’. Only a bold man can slit the life out of him. So much puns intended tonight.

No more Arcades with the same H2 targets over and over? :smirk: good.


NOW they can start to mix and match between games… That will make the arcade mode a lot more flexible and provide a significant amount of variety. :slight_smile:


Yess!! Mixed targets, I’ve waited for this since the mode’s release. Maybe we could have some 5 target contracts in there?


Does anyone know how to fix this I have all the content possible in hitman

It’s a bug that several people have reported in the last day or so. They’re working on it.


lol the kane and lynch shirt. where did this come from? concept art?

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Concept art yep. I’m still waiting for Kane and Lynch to make a cameo in WOA haha


They already did, theres multiple game consoles in 2016 that only play kane & lynch 2. The badboy elusive target even comments how kane & lynch is best shooter ever.


Another cut elusive target. I don’t know much about this one, but it looks like they would have been set for Paris.

Fanin was also supposed to feature but was diminished to a single cutscene, although I doubt he was intended as an ET.

Also, the artist is Simon Lindwall. You should check out his ArtStation for more unused Hitman concept art.


The new batch of elusive target arcade is out (and so is the august roadmap) :

The Arcade can now be with any target, from any game. For better variety, and better theme.
The contracts are available to all Hitman 3 owner, with no regard to ownership of Hitman 2016 or Hitman 2.

  • The Dyads - restricted loadout:
    • The Deceivers
    • The Procurers
    • The Surgeons
  • The Diabolicals :lethal melee only
    • The Serial Killer
    • The Heartbreaker
    • The Entertainer

And as an unllock : The Rude Ruby Suit


And I have to say, I do not dislike the lethal melee only restriction. It honestly seems fun. And exactly the kind of thing I wanted in the arcade.


And it’s optional as well so its not the end of the world

Motherfucker, I didn’t even see the restrictions for the Arcade contracts, and are you fucking kidding me?! The Deceivers are restricted loadout for the second time in a row?! Again I’m gonna have to wait for a rerelease in order to play that ET like I want to!

IOI, fucking STOP THIS SHIT!!!


I see how the Deceivers would be annoying for you. Feel for you there.

I get that we will not have them freely released (ETA is a bit of a success, at least 5000 players in a week on xbox according to the leaderboard, and I suspect that IO is currently mostly looking at good metrics).

But, twice the same restrictive complication, without any alternative can be a bit much.

I hope that at least you can work with the lethal melee only restriction. I guess yes, but I’m unsure.


Unfortunately it seems fiber wire doesn’t count as melee. Well, at least complications aren’t instafail anymore.

EDIT: Lethal throws however still count as melee kills.


Lethal melee only, interesting!

Sounds like it’s time to call my old buddy fibre wire for one. last. job.

Edit: ah shit, nevermind. Screwy the Screwdriver it is.


That would be the best cameo. We got the yummy Mini Ninjas, Freedom Fighters basically being canon, i expect Kane & Lynch to arrive somewhere - perhaps an ET in Chongqing but that would be a little bit on the nose.

The Deceivers are restricted loadout for the second time in a row? Let me very anger

Wait, if they are Decievers ET, how come they are using only picture of Guru and not both targets? Come on, get it together IO.