Elusive Target Arcade

I’m SO happy they finally took the wise decision to put a permanent Elusive Target mode within the game!

I mean it’s like over 30 contracts, 30 different targets, storylines and missions since 2016!

After all the work they put into it, that would’ve been a shame to keep this locked away from players for a limited time.

The “Elusive” concept remains a great idea and should still exist, but i think that after some time the limited target should be enabled permanently.

No need to have any reward with those: enabling replaying, scoring and eventually saving will be good enough.

Let’s just hope that ALL of them will be available and not just a selected sample.

Also, if “Elusive Arcade” is not the final name, here’s some suggestions:

  • Relusive Targets Mode
  • Special Assignments Enhanced
  • Elusive Targets Reloaded

Looking forward to know more details about this mode :+1: