Elusive Target Arcade

Dunno if the game had an issue when I tried to do it, but I tried to do the Pink Army easter egg to turn Mark Faba into a flamingo before killing him in Level 2 - but it didn’t work. No one transformed, so maybe its not available on The Undying? :person_shrugging:


I’m glad they finally added Mark Farbe to the game permanently because it was always one of my favorite ETs in my favorite place (Miami). But I’m a bit confused about the next steps of Escalation. It’s nice that the first step is to use the Pen, but the next step disgusted me. This escalation has so many cool potential possibilities, including incarnate the engineer, getting Mark’s photo and use it to kill by Robot, blowing it up with a bomb or poisoning the cup. Not including sniping him.

I would like the second step to be just like the first one - forcing you to kill him with a robot (this is so cool path), get a photo from Mark, etc. The third step, which gives you full freedom, but is also very demanding, is great in my opinion. But they screwed up the second step.

Overall im happy that I could meet him again. Its best Elustive Target ever made (because how many opportunities and inteactive action it have). Waiting for Wild card and The Drop to be added this same way.

And to be honest - all of you who seeking hate in this return of Mark Farba, “ETs should be pernament!!!”(you’ll be played them once and complain why they are so easy), “To many compliacations and restrictions” fuuuUUUu. Are you serious? :wink: Seriously people, that game doesn’t have a microtransactions, any game pass or anything which will bring a more money, buy they still giving us new content for many ears for free. In my opinion every who complain about content in this game is just purely blind and stupid.

I’m definitely hoping The Drop is added to Elusive Target Arcade, especially as the level has been designed to fit the story timeline to post Hitman III :grin:


Not the point. It’s not about them being challenging, or even fun; it’s about being able to play them, when we want, however we want. The ease or difficulty doesn’t factor into the desire to have them at our disposal.

A fully fleshed-out, rational argument. :smirk:

Not relevant to the quality of that content, nor even what seems to be the point of your paragraph.

Most people just call it having standards, but to each their own.


honestly, after what they did with The Undying I no longer want The Drop to come back, they’ll probably add a no loadout complication or some other bs that’ll ruin the mission.


Mark Farba - The Undrying


Like someone mention before many times - if these Elusive targets start become avaiable all the time - probably most of people would complete them once and don’t back to them never again. How many times did you play side missins from H2 aka “Non-elusive targets”? Did all chanages and thats it. That would be the same with any other Elusive Targets, because (non-including few of them), they are very restricted. The whole idea behind ET’s is that they are “Elusive”, not pernament. That is whole point behind this mode.

Problem with “Standards” is that start becoming more and more sophiscitated overtime. I have also high standards, but on other hand I understand that this game is many years old, they could just stop updating game and adding new content (or any content) long time ago, but they still try do they best to make this game live. You and other people your kind seems don’t understand that and demand more. This game doesn’t have pre-paid subscription so you could demand “we pay, we demand”. Compating price of this game to many other games - Hitman have a HUUUUDGE content (my record: 676h in H1, 678h in H2, 767h in H3)

IOI is one of few studios that care about they care about game and I appreciate that. You also should, or just stop playing game. This isn’t a World of Warcraft model. But that complaining about “new” content isn’t challenging is just riddiclous in this case - especialy there is a tons of casual games who don’t have so hudge experience in this game.

My only complain about Hitman is that they removed Ghost mode, which was great in my opinion. I would like to have another H4 on this same engine just adding more missions, locations and campaign. At this point I could pay full price for any new fresh DLC and support studio in their effort.

Well, “most people” can go ahead and do just that if they please. Then again, “most people” don’t even play Hitman when you really get down to it, so what “most people” would or would not do is no concern of mine.

Define “side missions.” Are you talking about escalations? Featured Contracts? Main mission challenges that required you to act a certain way to finish the challenge? None of those are even really meant for repeat playing, although they can be. Are you referring to the Special Assignments missions? Because, surprise, I still play those.


And yet… we’re on year 4… of these “Elusive” targets. Not so Elusive. :joy:

Pfft. Rookie numbers.

H1 909h 48m
H2 3260h 41m
H3 2626h 32 m

:jam_47: :jam_47: :jam_47:


I completed the ouroboros very awkwardly with ps remote play ( meaning I was streaming the screen and controls to my iPhone ) I have bad enough aim with a controller but on a touchscreen I’m surprised I didn’t accidentally shoot 47




It’s pronounced “Fab-er”.

Pff, 20 characters of nolife :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting response from the person boasting about how many hours they played each game in the their previous post. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



i think they should have permanent ETs with the ability to get their outfits either kept in or taken out but given an alternate method to unlock them. it depends on if they remove the florida fit from the Undying ET unlock, because it’s probably unintended but i think itd be good to have multiple ways to unlock suits now

so if they want ETs to have the prestige of the reward make the permanent versions have no reward, but include the outfits as challenges for different actions in Freelancer or the main game like they did with the Florida Fit


Turns out IO know, or at least once knew, how to correctly spell “ouroboros” even though they misspelt it on the Undying Arcade Contract.

Its spelt correctly on the silencer of the ICA19.



Personally I’ve assumed the Ouroborous spelling is intentional, with it being an adjective derived from Ouroboros (with -ous being a suffix used in such adjectives).
This would align with some existing ETAs that also use an adjective describing the targets as their names (the Baneful, the Blusterous, the Bombastic, the Illusory).


Don’t assume. It makes an ass out of u and me? I like ass. So call me. :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep failing the Sean Bean one on level 3 :rage:

Im not sure how much longer it’s available but I think I’m 0 for 3 now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do better :rofl: