Elusive Target in Hitman 2016 to Hitman 2



Elusive targets from Hitman 1 “2016” will return in Hitman 2!?

I have the “goty/complete edition” of the “first game” on steam. I have done almost everything, before I screwed up with one elusive Target that said to not make harm to a person “and that is what I did”, but I was considering that make a Target “sleep” is considered make no harm.

So, if the elusive targets of the first season come back, will this fail will carry over?


No. Hitman 2 is a brand new game so you will have another chance to eliminate the target. I’m assuming it was probably the twins or the guru. The guru is definitely returning and the twins are very likely


I think was the twins… Why make a person “sleep”/subdue is considered make harm…I was pissed when that occured that I stop playing the game. I think that the description should be something else like “don’t touch that person” or don’t pacify or subdue.
Edit - was the guru…


choking noises intensifies