Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)



Good evening, 47.

Your target is Wen Ts’ai, the highly influential Southeast Asian food critic. His brutal attention to detail and relentless criticism of the smallest errors are notorious in restaurants across the Pacific Rim. He thinks nothing of basing a career-destroying review over an overchilled bottle of Kona Nigari.

We expect him at Restaurant Miam in Bangkok where his refusal to actually swallow any of the food he tastes may prove a challenge.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.

Looks like poisoning is out the window.


Doesn’t eat food AND has eyes in the back of his head? This is going to be challenging :wink:


That might be a chance for poisoning but not sure. Maybe he has it somewhere. I hope he actually occupies one of the rooms.


He is going to love my duck a l’orange, it has an “explosive” taste :innocent:

But since i am trying to get the winter suit, i will try for SA, so no ducky :frowning:


A contract on a Yelper … maybe a contract put out by a our own @Chef-assassin


hopefully it won’t be like the ex dictator where if you enter the restaurant, the guards arrest you without warning even when you are wearing a cook disguise


It’s a target based in an unbearable yelper. Probably the guars will make jokes of you killing him in front of them and they turn a blind eye for it. Maybe they even leave the room where they are guarding him on purporse.


This is elusive target number 17, not 16…
I fixed it :wink:

But this is great news! New Elusive!! :smiley:


But in 7 days…
Anyway, I think I can wait a bit. Besides, this one might not eat or drink anything at all, so it’s going to be a bit more complicated than getting a waiter disguise and poisoning his food.


Maybe using the chandeliers by the buffer area, or maybe using the syringe might work as well.


Well I already know how he is gonna die by me! :smiling_imp:


I wouldn’t get my hopes up on that happening. I’m guessing he’ll have a camera crew or students follow him like in these reality TV shows.


Probably but gotta wait to see his whole pattern. I think what would be awesome (but as well, unlikely to happen) is dressing like a chef and using the incredible talents of 47 for everything to cook a meal that actually appeals to him and when he is loving it and all, he dies because it was poisoned. You get both the kill and the pride of the yelper twat.


I don’t know if this is an accident kill, but turning on the oven and making it explode could work. Might be risky for SA


Accident kill but pretty wide radious. Still, a hard option because of the placement of the ovens.


I think I’m going to kill him by… poison. Just for the sake of it.


I think I will take it as gospel that he doesn’t eat anything and not waste a slot on poison. I am going to have to practice around the restaurant for a while.


I’m going to practice shooting down the chandeliers for a little while. So I know which places you can do it without being spotted.


The tables next to the stairs are pretty neat for those opportunities. Just be careful with the waiter and lady in blue dress that flirts with 47 that come by there sometimes.