Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


I did it the same way but did not encounter any X-Ray vision NPCs. At which place exactly did this happen? I noticed that the guards become enforcers from a certain time after the fire alarm is triggered, and then go back to normal.


A couple of times, I shot the fire alarm on the second floor next to the hotel staff guy and that made the surrounding guards become enforcers. However, when I pulled the one on the third floor no such thing happened. I replicated it a few times. As for Xray, female waitress spotted me through the corner where the target sits. Eventually I got lucky and it didn’t happen.


Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Triple Wallbang 1:17

First time using an alt account to replay an ET (so no blind/no restarts rules this time)

Apparently bullets can go through as many of those wooden walls as you want.


Wow…Just, wow…

Dude seriously, that was amazing!
If there was a contest on who had the most outstanding kill for this elusive, you would definitely win, no question!

Fantastic job, seriously!


Nice MP3 music…


Another SA/SO run.


Well that could’ve gone better. Tried to kill him with the poison syringe before he entered the kitchen, but got spotted by one of the chefs. Still managed to get away, but obviously it’s no SA. :sweat_smile:


You are so creative, I think you should join this one.


The Hitman Youtuber! I was watching his livestream on his channel he was 46th on the leaderboard!



Just wanted to say that I love your videos @Pagan !:grin:


I simply do not understand this fire extingusher tactics… Why did developers allow Such a thing is beyond my comprehension… I take it FE’s are in every level in game, so that tactic can be used, like, all the time. I dont know where the fun is in doing hits like that tbh. For each their own i guess.

Personaly, slitting his throat after 2 hours of pain-enduring, body-shuffeling, coin-tossing, x-ray action gave me ultimate satisfaction.


I agree with you, although I think there should be FEs: however they should be rare and hard to get to like in Hokkaido.


Oh i dont mind FE’s at all, they add the flavour. What i dont get is their potency at getting SA runs.

Im at colorado, did not see hokkaido yet :slight_smile:

Ultimate Weapon for SA runs sounds better what i had in mind :wink:


That doesn’t seem very safe.


True. In Hokkaido there was one fire extinguisher in the whole facility.


Exactly the way i did it. Lured everyone to the storage room where the freezer is and knocked them one by one until he was left alone… then Slit his throat :wink:


FE’s, while cheap, still sounds better than spending 2 hours knocking people out


Here is my Silent Assassin run (1:40):


Also people exagerate the power of the FE a lot heuheuehue, while it can’t give you “body found”, neither can the virus prototype for Francesca, nor dropping the planterary thingy on Silvio, and both of those kills are “acceptable” for the same people that complain about Fire Extinguishers, even though for these 2 targets FE is a lot harder and has actual risk of collateral damage, unlike those kills.