Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


Difference is that that the solar system kill can only be done in that one spot and is only practical on that one target. The virus is a bit more powerful but even then there’s only one of them in the map and it only works on one target.

The FE+BC combo is a free kill on practically any target anywhere, as long as they’re not in a crowd.


I’d would actually like to see FE be used as a “smoke bomb” distraction device, blinding,creating cover and dazing the AI than a movable bomb that it is now.
Much more interesting,realistic, and fun to use.

Right now its a cheap method of achieving kills

But that’s a discussion for another thread.


Santa’s back


I HAVE TO AGREE with my man hurr.

I shit on FE usage, but not the people because it is not my game. FTS did an FE kill on this guy but then he turned around and pulled off a masterful push kill which I loved.

Don’t think that an FE killer is cheap; some people just care more about speed and score than showmanship. I personally like an unexpected show.


Is that a favorable thing though? like you’re just waiting for the target to hand over his ass to you instead of creating the kill opportunity.


In those cases I think the challenge is more about combining the ass handing to the rest of the gameplay fluidly than having that specific part take a ton of effort. To me, waiting a full minute for Silvio to wander under the solar system isn’t satisfying but getting into the room at the perfect timing after having done something else is. I don’t find FE+BC satisfying as a smooth part of the route nor as a complex kill as it’s just too trivial in both cases.


Sigh failed another because the only silent assassin routes seem to be Fire Extinguisher or knock out everyone and his dog.

I really liked The Guru - this one was a miss for me.


Look up. People got coconut kills, push kills, fibre wire kills.


Right, but see, that’s the thing, people’s perception about them is exagerated, take this for example

This is the kill I used for Sapienza’s WR (Propane + Duck):

And for my full game speedrun, I replaced it with duck into planetary kill for consistency:

The 2nd kill I can pull off almost every time, since setting it up is easy and it has a bigger window of opportunity to detonate, while the first one has a very precise setup, and requires a precise detonation timing because there’s risk of collateral damage, if you even got the setup right, so it took many attempts to succeed.

And yet, the first kill is the one considered “cheap”, while the other one is totally fine huehueheuheue.

I think FE’s and Propanes are one of the strongest weapons for sure, but it’s not a “Free SA everytime EZPZ” like people want to believe hueheueh.


Extremely easy. I need a challenge dammit.


These are very cherry picked examples. Sure, you can sometimes use FEs in a way that it takes insane timing and precision, but vast majority of time, there’s no need to. I’ve yet to hear anyone call the flying FE kills cheap, but I will absolutely consider every FE+BC with immediate detonation cheap.

And just a personal opinion on those two runs, I liked the solar system kill way more. One was just another FE kill even if it was done remotely and with a duck whereas the other one was a clever way to trigger a falling object. FE might in that case be really fast and difficult to use but honestly, I just find it uninteresting.


Then make it a challenge! Try doing it suit only using Nna Obara’s machete for the kill.


Sure, but then again using the coin in this elusive target makes it even easier.


Well that’s a fair point, they are specific examples, but I feel like they showcase the problem of perception very well hueheuheuhe, you even still liked the easiest kill the most, I think the problem with FE/PT kills is that they look sillier, that’s it, I guess that’s why it’s a perception problem.

I can say for sure that the planetary kill was 10 times easier (it gave me a lot of (much needed) consistency for that run), it might look better on video, but knowing the effort put into both I can’t pick that one as the better kill.

People just confuse how silly it looks with how easy it is, another example is in this Elusive Target (back on topic huehuehue), if you get rid of his bodyguard and are alone with him, you can either

  1. FE+BC him

  2. use a Coin to push him

  3. use a Syringe to poison him

All 3 kills are equally easy, and equally safe (I’d say that having to pickup an FE as opposed to just using things from your inventory is a downside if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s easy to get one in that area), and guess which kill is the cheap one? hueheuheueheu

I’d say that any kill that doesn’t generate a body that can be found and screw your SA rating is just as cheap as the FE+BC combo, but then again, the “non-cheap kills” (head-shot, melee/thrown kill, etc) are only good if they come with a nice setup/route, if you take a lot of time to get rid of every potential witness just so you don’t have to use a “cheap” kill instead, I don’t see how it’s any better huehuehuehue.


Stop acting like you know stuff mate huehuehuehue

Silly gule


'Tis the best thing about the new suit


dat ass ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


That kitchen cleaning along with surrounding areas that took 2 hours due to silly situations (one time critic saw through 3 metal cabinets two bodies i stashed there, right when i was getting ready for the kill, hated that), was anti-climatic and tedious, and if i had the krugermeier pistol i probably wouldve done it with fire extingusher. I didnt, because im careful to get SA, two more Times, get the suit and… Well, lets say, i probably wont be getting SA ratings anymore lol.

That throat slitting was satisfaying as Hell, though.


The thing is, I value cleverness and creativity far more than difficulty. I’ve seen a thousand FE kills but knocking falling objects down with explosives is far less common.[quote=“GuLe, post:319, topic:13412”]
All 3 kills are equally easy, and equally safe
[/quote]I disagree, poison and pushing still require you to remain unseen for a tiny bit of time unlike FE+BC which can be used without the risk of getting spotted. Pushing also requires the target to be next to a ledge, unlike FE and syringe (I’m not a fan of that either) which can be used anywhere.


Everyone raises good points. I agree with too many opposing opinions.

I think everyone should just be allowed to play the way they want to, and if you don’t like it, then don’t watch.

Maybe the leaderboards should just be removed. And then ratings given like in the old games. But if you use a FE & breaching charge method to kill someone then you’re rating is “joker” or “demolition expert” or something and not silent assassin :wink:

I miss ratings like “butcher” for chopping people up etc.


I just don’t want them to cut back on FEs and Gas canisters too much next season. It’s not even about the easy kills: i want lots of them for amusing chain reactions.