Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


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The thing is, I value cleverness and creativity far more than difficulty. I’ve seen a thousand FE kills but knocking falling objects down with explosives is far less common.
[/quote]I can respect that, but that planetary kill… it’s really not that fucking great heuheuehue, that thing it’s literally there to kill Silvio.

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I disagree, poison and pushing still require you to remain unseen for a tiny bit of time unlike FE+BC which can be used without the risk of getting spotted. Pushing also requires the target to be next to a ledge, unlike FE and syringe (I’m not a fan of that either) which can be used anywhere.
[/quote]But if the only person that can see you is the one you’re trying to kill, and he’s not an enforcer, how does having to be unseen make it any less easy?


Yeah, but making use of it requires Silvio to be in the right place at the right time and the duck strat is unconventional. While in this example the place and timing are the same, FE could have been used anywhere else as well.

That’s rarely the case as targets tend to have at least someone near them. My ET push run was very simple but it still required me to distract the bodyguard, which would’ve been unnecessary had I used an FE.


I think the point is. Can you get SA while seen committing crime?

NO with Poison, push and other kills
YES with Duck/BC + FE/PT combo


I was talking about what you can do when you’re alone with the target but yeah, while FE has that advantage, it’s not big enough to justify the hate it receives.

You get rid of the bodyguard, drop a coin then push/syringe, no problem, but if you get rid of the guard, and then pull out your almighty FE+BC combo, suddenly you’re literally the worst player and the responsible of murdering immadummee’s family.

As I said, I get that it’s strong, but it is really not THAT strong, the only difference between FE+BC combo and any other kill for this ET is dropping a weapon to get rid of his bodyguard, and if you already got rid of the bodyguard, there’s no difference.


I’m talking in general not just this ET. Duck/BC + FE/PT combo is the only method in which you can be seen committing a crime and still get SA.


Mostly the issue I take with that is that with FE+BC in this case is that you don’t have to get rid of the guard in the first place. I think there’s a pretty big difference between finding even a small window where no one is looking vs not needing a window at all. The bigger the window, the more you can do, which is why I’m not a fan of the syringe either, as that generally requires the smallest window.


They aren’t, there’s duck into car/motorcycle/electrocution thingy/falling object, which are all somehow better than FE/PT btw hueheuheue.


But is the extra difficulty of having to get rid of that guard enough to justify the hate? hueheuhe


Vehicles, water puddle, falling objects aren’t everywhere. You still have to lure the target towards them unlike this combo where you just drop these items right in front on them.


Right, but they are are methods in which you can be seen doing it and still get SA, which was your problem with the FE Combo


If you’re relying on FE to do all your hits, then you’re not a very good Hitman. Frankly, I think they make the game a tad too easy - and finding someone dead next to an exploded fire extinguisher SHOULD arose some sort of suspicion… After all, how many FEs just randomly explode in real life?


maybe nerf them as well but the point is, these things are stagnant unlike FE and PT which are portable accidents.


See what I’m talking about heuheuheuh


It’s not about the difficulty, it’s about skipping a whole step in the assassination process. You don’t need to find a window of opportunity when every moment is fine.

FEs can be used anywhere AND they can be used without any risks is why they’re so overpowered.

This I find irrelevant. The way I think about it is “if it was a news headline, could it be easily thought of as an accident?” If I read about a man dying because of an exploding fire extinguisher, my first through would not be “murder”.


EDIT: I guess I can quote you as well

It’s really not that strong, this is all the kill methods I used to beat the game in my full game speedrun (which aimed to get the best time possible without any restrictions)

1 FE
1 Propane
1 Electrocution
1 Gas Heater Explosion
2 Ballistic
2 Car Explosion
4 Falling Object
1 Soders (Ballistic?)

Accidents in general are the strongest kill method, then FE+Propane are just tied with ballistic kills.


You’re equating strongest as fastest, but I would consider FE as the easiest. Instead of a planned speedrun, consider a blind run of an ET. FE is by far the easiest SA option there.


I suppose this is one thing we may have to disagree upon :stuck_out_tongue:


It really depends, I don’t think I saw an FE kill for The Angel of Death hueheuheuhue

From what I’ve seen after playing all ETs blind, most of them will hand over their ass if you watch their route (I dropped the chandelier on The Guru, was fully expecting him to go below it, same for the Angel of Death and the shisha cafe sign), so patience is still the best thing to have, same for going blind on Main Missions, there’s usually better kill opportunities.

The only place where the FE/Propane really shines is when someone selects a stupid target on a contract with no kill restrictions, and I don’t think it’s bad for the game as coining out + KOing every person instead isn’t really fun.


Glad they extended the times on elusives, won’t be home until tomorrow.


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most of them will hand over their ass if you watch their route
[/quote]Then there’s of course assholes like The Sensation, The Gunrunsation and The Food Critication, but that’s just 3 of them Kappa