Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


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FEs can be used anywhere AND they can be used without any risks is why they’re so overpowered.
[/quote]Also, come on man huehuehuehe, that’s what I meant by exagerating, you can’t use them anywhere and they do have the risk of collateral damage.


I was ok with Angel of Death snail stand propane tanks because I made her go to it rather than bringing it to her. The size of the explosion and potential for collateral damage made it feel earned to me.

Was also ok with jordan FE kill in SS run because it was another example of not bringing it to him. Blind shots through windows hoping to hit it while he was in range also made it feel earned. Albeit lucky.

I personally feel more gratified in the AI manipulation it takes to move targets and the associated risks involved in getting things to work. Bringing the accident to the target does not feel as good as the other way around. When walkthrough videos on youtube are pitching FE/BC as strats to casuals to complete things, then consider the source. That is the casual approach.

For that reason I feel FEs are cheap. Because other methods require more command. Are there other cheap and easy methods that don’t involve them? Sure.

Everywhere/no collateral damage is exaggeration. A shit ton of places/with a lot less (to minimal) risk of collateral damage is accurate.


Nah u could just use ur gun and a coin as lure to get T’sai in a position for a push kill.


i already posted this dank meme in the The Ultimate Hitman Memes Thread, but i am reposting it here because 1) it is relevant to this discussion and 2) i want more likes


Failed this one.


[quote=“cjgarof, post:347, topic:13412”]
When walkthrough videos on youtube are pitching FE/BC as strats to casuals to complete things, then consider the source. That is the casual approach.
[/quote]And so are Push and Poison

So why do you only consider that the cheap one? huehueheuhe


Whatever, sorry for murdering your family.


I am entitled to determine what methods I find more gratifying for myself.


Yeah but the topic is about people like the soon-to-be-banned guy that posted above me, who’ll only complain about FE kills when they’re okay with things like poisoning the caviar for the chef, I’m not saying it’s the best kill, it really isn’t but in some situations it’s actually better than some of the “acceptable” kills, like on my speedrun vs sapienza’s wr example.

It’s a meme at this point, the hate it receives is out of proportion with how easy/less creative the actual kill is compared to others, that’s all I’m saying huehueheuheue.


Like… waaay out of proportion

And I know what you’ll say “oh but gule that’s just immadummee he always trolls people in the comments you should just ignore him”.

But I refuse to believe every person that complains about this is just another immadummee’s account, like, even @Kotti is jumping on that circlejerk now, and while kotti’s case isn’t as bad as this, there’s clearly a problem with people’s perception about this kill method.


I never understand this argument about the “right” way to play the game, which comes up from time to time on this forum. It’s a single-player game, why do you care how other people play it? And why do you get so emotionally invested in it? Isn’t that the whole point of Hitman, that it’s an open sandbox and you can play it any way you want?

Personally, I don’t play with explosives or extinguishers unless it’s a challenge, but I don’t disparage anyone who does. In fact, I enjoy watching the video run-throughs. I marvel at how they come up with this shit.

I wish they rewarded my playstyle, which mainly consists of hiding in the bushes for 20 minutes and watching the guard patrols before entering the building. I’d be at the top of the leaderboards. But that’s the way I play, and I enjoy it.

Not to mention, those runs aren’t easy. I watched @AlexNiedt’s elegant run on the old lady ET in Marrakesh and thought “Shit, I can do that.” About a minute later, I was bleeding out in the dusty streets of Morocco. First time I’d ever been killed during an ET.


Oh look, another example

In a run where I got rid of The Food Critic’s bodyguard and was standing alone with him, you think I’d get that kind of comments if I just placed a coin on the ledge and pushed him instead of using the FE I had in hand? because that’s just as cheap in that situation, so why is the hate so out of proportion? huehueheueh

EDIT: Just to clarify, I’m not affected at all by hate comments so don’t worry, I’m just using them as an example.


Why are you taking it so personally? Because they are in the ILs? Nobody is attacking you for that. The Silvio kill is really cool and ballsy. The Yuki kill is cool too.

I can cite a whole bunch of guys that I know you respect that agree. We must be doing so only to impress one another or circle jerk or something? This is an opinion I have had the entire time. Regardless of what others have said.

I don’t care one way or another. I don’t care how other people choose to play. I would much rather exert more effort into something more creative and complex for my own gratification.

Single segment ‘acceptable kills’ are not good examples. Sometimes we settle for ease/consistency to allow ourselves to take greater risks elsewhere. I am ok with some things in SS runs that I wouldn’t bother with in ILs.


I’m not taking it personally nor I feel attacked about the kills methods used in the ILs (I even find silly how nobody complains about the Electrocution kill for Francesca)

My whole point is about people’s perception of some kill methods, not about me or my runs at all, which I’m just using as examples, why is electrocuting Francesca at the start of the mission ok, but bringng a FE to her is not?

I’m not saying you should start hating on other kills methods as well, but rather that you shouldn’t hate that much, it’s really not that bad if you compare it to other kill method available in this game.


I thought the electrocution was lame. So I threw the prototype at her instead. :stuck_out_tongue: huehuehuheuheuheuheuheuh.

Which i then followed up with the glitchy AF FE kill for Silvio where his guards somehow got stuck in the field lab tunnel.

Not many people have seen that route because I was not impressed with myself. Despite it being WR for a short while.

So no. Not bandwagon. I genuinely feel that way. And agree there are plenty of methods that aren’t FEs that are equally cheap.


Hueheuheuheue, sorry I worded that poorly, by “you” I meant people, not you CJ.

Those 2 images above aren’t the only examples of this, seriously, this is an actual problem.


See? I don’t even have to post the examples myself anymore, they just come. @cjgarof


Also why are you copying my strat instead of linking my video to the devs if you want that to get fixed? hueheuheue


I have been playing this contract called Super Betrayal Bros. I killed the first 4 targets relatively easily, but Dr Lafayette finished vomiting and went to play his Ipad on a bench. I had to lure him behind the van with a coin so I could throw a pair of scissors into his skull. Got SA. Anyway, contract ID is1-03-7466939-32.


I’ve started doing this after seeing some of the really brilliant AI manipulation runs on The Food Critic. Wen T’sai’s choice of just sitting there at the start means that there’s a lot of videos of people doing things like using bombs, triggering fire alarms, dropping Illegal Objects that make guards leave their posts.

I tried some variation of these tricks for “A House Built on Sand”, particulary to get into the Shisha party uninvited and then to setup the Gas Tank accident. You are definitely correct in saying it is more satisfying to do things this way. :slight_smile: