Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


A youtuber actually did strap explosives to Wen’s chair, along with two fire extinguishers.


I’m working on a wallbang run for this ET. Feel free to join me at twitch.tv/fortheseven if you’re interested in such a thing.

@scm97tl when is my TB ever gonna join


I have been on Twitch, TB @Fortheseven, but nor my computer nor my cellphone handle well the frame rates. Sorry :bear::cry:.


The Food Critic Wallbang SA


Here’s my fire extinguisher SA kill, which I eventually resorted to after all my attempts at other methods failed -_-



GuLe’s Triple Wallbang wasn’t bad either:

What’s interesting with his method was that I learned the thin dividers won’t stop bullets.


Jup GuLe’s run was great


Yeah I love that such a thing exists, but as someone who plays without HUD or Instinct, it’s practically impossible for me to do. :sob: At least without being extremely lucky.


I personally don’t do wall bangs myself, and … I don’t know how else to explain this… but I play Hitman as my 007/Mission Impossible fix. So I only do things that would fit in those films/genres.

You don’t see those guys doing wallbanging, so I don’t. You don’t see them kill people with Fire Extinguishers so I don’t.

I am biased though for “Theatrical Kills” even if they ruin SA.

For example, last weekend I binged on “A House Built On Sand” and I setup the “Electric Boogie” opportunity by getting an Invite to the Shisha Party… scoping out the women… and then planting a BC on the winch that holds the Lantern wiring up over the pool. Then I triggered a fire alarm to overflow the pool.

Finally I still waited for Kong’s Bodyguard to say: “You’re a wise man, Mr. Kong” before detonating the BC. Yeah… I knew it would ruin the SA (the bodyguard will also die). But it was such a great punchline! :stuck_out_tongue:

That means I also only use Instinct if I’m coming around a bend, or going down a flight of stairs, or just about to walk into a room unawares. :slight_smile:


I try and do what 47 would do (badly). And I don’t see 47 killing anyone with a FE in my mind lol


I just pretend I’m Sean Connery and I lost my toupee:

P.S.: That one at 4:03 could be cool if it was in Hitman. Something like “Piss off the Target as Tobias Rieper and when they try to take a swing at you, press E at the right moment to Evade… causing an Accident Kill when the Target tumbles over you.”

P.P.S.: Also watch out for 7:37 where Bond ruins his SA rating for “A Gilded Cage” ahoohoohoohoo. :smile_cat:


Ended up just knocking out everybody in the kitchen and pantry. Hid in office and when he was escorted in knocked out the chef coming in. Garroted him and escaped on boat. Got the SA, but this one was really lackluster in terms of options.


Just finished the ET and oh so manage to screw up the SA rating. Clearly I’m out of practice because just as I was about to poison him, I hit the wrong button and started choking him instead. I just thought fuck it and snapped his neck, then ran like hell.

I hid in the basement, jumped a guard for his disguise and strolled to the exit. Not at all what I intended but I have to admit, it was exciting.


Here’s how my ET No. 17 went.

Starts in 47’s Suite and gets Red Rubber Ducky

Tosses Red Rubbery Ducky at the feet of Wen T’sai.

Guard: “Hey! You can’t throw that around here! Think about the planet!”

Me: “I am.”

*Detonates Red Rubber Ducky. Walk to Exit." :sunglasses:

(No SA tho.) :frowning:


Santa visits Elusive Target #17 The Food Critic


You know these are literally never coming back again, right?

Each to their own and all that.


I learned more about the game after this one. :slight_smile:


what is a vent KO?



When you use the poison in the ventilation system (in the atrium)


i havent heard of it yet