Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


So… I attempted to pull off a FE kill but didn’t achieve a SA rating. I guess the duck is what killed him.
That’s what I get for trying to do it the “easy” way. Oh, well…


Going live at 7pm on this one. (European time) I have no idea where to start so this could be fun. If I complete it I unlock my signature suit with gloves. :slight_smile: You guys wanna come and watch me play. I appreciate it if so. :innocent:


Use a Breaching Charge next time.


Live now:

Feedback is welcome


Just played it and I have one thing to say about it:
IOI, wtf are you doing?


So I just killed this guy with the Fiberwire while disguised as the Stalker, without knocking out anyone else and got Silent Assassin in 2:53 HUEHEUEHUEHUEHUEH. Video Soon.


Woah wat
I’m ready for some matrix shit rn


Silent Assassin as the Stalker 2:53 (Fiberwire/No KO)

Well technically one KO but the Stalker doesn’t count Kappa.



Fixed hueheuheuh


Best one.


Well, it’s official that @GuLe rekted this ET. Now seriously, it’s beary probable that it doesn’t gets better than this.


Wow. That was insanely impressive.


Oh ho ho… That is a very nice gag in Hitman. You really need to try and figure it out. :slight_smile:


I was kinda dissapointed that you couldn’t put lethal poison in the vents, killing everyone in the atrium. That would have been just awesome.


“How to be a terrorist 101, featuring @Silverballer”. Sorry. I just had to. :bear::grin:


I was going to make an inappropriate joke, but I didn’t. But I agree that there should be a way to do that.


No it wouldn’t work… I figured in this game IOI are now making a distinction between IV poisons, ingestible poisons, and air-delivery poisons.

The Vent at the Hotel only works with a makeshift solution using the Sprayable Insecticide.


I still most prefer this video I saw ( @Spodey ?) of making both Hotel guards walk away by throwing down BC’s and then getting rid of Wen’s bodyguard by throwing down the pistol… finally placing a coin on the rail and throwing one on the floor to get Wen to walk towards the rail for a push Accident Kill.

I can appreciate the “Circus Kills” done by others… but after I Tyson-KO-ed the ET with a Red Rubber Ducky, that one involving simple Guard-Duping to open up the ET’s defences kinda was an epiphany. :slight_smile:


IF S2 or S3 feature a Sarin Gas unlockable item (ie: Poison in the same “object class” as the Insecticide)… then you should be able to go back to Bangkok and make it happen (eg: Emetic and Lethal Poison vials are the same class and are used interchangeably) …