Elusive Target No. 17 "The Food Critic". 12.30.2016 (30.12.2016)


I feel like Season 2 should have a reference to all the strange fire extinguisher accidents that have happened in the past few months.

On a serious note, I’ve given up on ever really enjoying Elusives. The concept is great, but the execution is, although functional, fairly lacklustre. I really appreciate that each has their own backstory and voice acting, but all of that feels pointless since it has no effect on the gameplay anyway.

I’d love if the game was built in a much more dynamic way, where disguises could interact in more meaningful ways than you can/can’t stand in a specific spot. I saw a little bit of that in the General (?) outfit, where you could dismiss soldiers. Or the masseuse, who could give anyone a massage.

As things stand, Elusives just highlight the weaknesses of a truly great game. The maps are too static to allow for such dynamic objectives. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Imagine if waiters could offer (poisoned) drinks, stylists could offer makeovers, or bodyguards could offer to cover for colleagues.

This way you have a system that works for main missions and any other objective you happen to drop into the sandboxes. I’m not saying the game is bad or broken, but since Live content is such a huge component of it, the game should be built to support it.


SA/SO with stupid poison in 1:15. Wanted fiber wire, but got spotted behind a wall and gave up since I only had about an hour to play.

Lol, sorry man! :smile:


Fuck, how long is left?? I still haven’t done it yet…


Tomorrow, I guess. Like 10 hours or alike.


You have about 9 hours, I think. I was starting to panic earlier, thinking I might have missed it, haha.


I literally just woke up in a cold sweat thinking “FUCK I didn’t do it yet!”. No getting back to sleep now…


Not your fault by any means, I’m just an inept bumbler next to you speedrunners. Love your videos though.

Five AM Pacific Time.


Well there’s some persistent “powers” associated with some disguises. All Crew/Engineer/Technician disguises have free reign on Wrench/Screwdriver tasks, all Waiter/Kitchen disguises have free reign on adding ingredients to food and drink.

The game could use more… cut scenes and interactivity would be nice. For ET17, it would be cool if you start as the Waiter and the Food Critic picks on you instead of the other waiter and you get to be the one to lead him around the kitchen.

But Elusives are normally based on “putting a target in some least used areas of the map”, and the amount of effort put into such is understandably limited.


LOL, someone created seven YouTube accounts to thumbs-down my video. :joy:


Immadumeee going on a rampage lately I see


This has been asked for many times in many threads. Green Duck!


The Food Critic was undercooked. No movement on target. It was done just for the sake of doing it. Nearly stationary target? What is the fun in that. Unless IOI wanted players to use other options like fire alarm etc.
Elusives are becoming lifeless. They are doing character building ok. But what about gameplay? Just feel like I am playing them because they are coming out. No satisfaction there.


There’s a GREEN Duck?!?


Phew, I did it with a few hours remaining. I just ran in, ducked him and left. Pretty wasteful really, but I totally forgot about the deadline.


If you went in disguised as waiter, he would talk his trash lines at you, and the usual waiter would stay in his spot for good. Perhaps this Way we could have take him to kitchen, but what for i dont know :slight_smile:


I think they could expand on those “powers” though. In a perfect world it wouldn’t matter where on the map they dropped an Elusive Target, since the player would have enough tool at their disposal to interact with the target in interesting ways.

Obviously what I’m suggesting would be difficult to implement, but I think that’s the direction I’d personally love to see the series going. Generally, a move away from the ultra-scripted “opportunities”, and towards a more systemic setup.

As cool as some of the opportunity kills are (and I’m not saying they should be removed!), my favourite moments from S1 weren’t scripted events, but weird little things that felt like they were unique to my playthrough.


My phone has always autocorrected “fuck” to “duck”, which is a bit of a joke now between me and anyone I text often. It’s especially funny for me though since I’ve now subconsciously replaced “ducked” with an image of a bald man running up to someone with an explosive duck before blowing them up :joy:


No. But everyone else who asked for a gas duck said it should be the green one (myself included).


The “duck” thing happens to so many people I know… Must be an Apple thing!

Amazingly I got 3/5 for just throwing a duck blowing the guy up in full view of everyone. Goddamn I’m gonna miss out on the badass coat outfit at this rate. Alas …


I did it w/o FE and it was still easy, sooo…