Elusive target structure

I want all of you to know I’ve been a fan of Hitman since Silent Assassin came in 2002 and I’m here to talk about the elusive targets. I think its a great idea to introduce the Legacy Targets in HITMAN 2 for those who want the Paris tux with gloves or the Sapienza outfit with gloves I’m all for it but it seems like there needs to be a balance the the legacy elusive targets and the elusive targets for HITMAN 2. For example the first three like The Undying, The Revolutionary and The Appraiser are original for the game but then we had The Fugitive an elusive target from Hitman 2016 and the next was The Politician for HITMAN 2. What I’m saying is there needs to be a structure of how many Legacy targets we get and the amount of original Elusive targets for the game. After The Undying Returns they announced two legacy targets for June The Deceivers, The Congressman and The Guru combined, and The Entertainer both legacy targets and I think in July we might get a Elusive target for Whittleton Creek or Mumbai. I think it need to be a couple of Legacy targets and then a Elusive target for Hitman 2. Let me know on your thoughts on this or if your confused by what I said just let me know and I’ll explain it better