Elusive target: The Viper

Briefing: Good Morning 47

Your target is Freddy Slang, a Chinese American who studied in gun war back in 1979, and now has been located at Colorado, to help out spec ops, train for their next assassination. You will also have to retrieve a note pad which is being carried by one of your targets personal entourage (it is to believe that the carrier of the note pad is wearing a smartwatch). Slang will not take any measurements with threats and if he feels threatened he will open fire on the person who threatened him. He will most likely be in and out of the barn. Good Luck 47

Route of Freddy Slang:

Freddy will start inside the barn, looking at the laptop he will question Maya’s actions and ways of training her men. Maya will get very nervous and will loose her words she will get defensive and will walk away, the target will then laugh to his self. He will then take a drink from the bottle of water on the desk and will leave to the slurry pit for a quick observation with a spec opp. He will walk to the slurry pit by heading through the barns door under the (hay bale) and then will make his way down the side. After the conversation he will stand and look into the slurry pit. A few moments later he will come over to the shooting range and spectate the men’s shooting he will then go and take a cigarette next to a the trailer. Maya will approach him, and informs him that their about to start the training again he will walk through the indoor training and will stand next to the button. When training is over he will sarcastically clap and say harsh words to the men. He will then decide to go up stairs to me what the men are doing. He’ll go up the stairs and come into the upstairs, he has a go at both men for slacking and then leans on the window. After that he will finally go back down stairs and loop.

Additional information:

The carrier will follow the target at all times apart from when the target go’s to the slurry pit at this point the carrier will go into the shed near the slurry pit and will check if he has any miss calls.

Ways of elimination:

Poison bottle of water
Drop haybale on him
Push into slurry pit
Set fire to him from oil drum (cigarette)
Turn on the ram when he walks past
Push him out of barn window

Secret death: if he sees Maya be sick he will stand next to her and next to an oil drum, where you can set him a light.


Wears a spec ops suit without the helmet
Black leather boots
Brown beard/hair
And carries no weapons (but will still fight if needed)

In case of a lockdown he will be put upstairs in the barn and will remain there until it’s safe.

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