Elusive Target Titles


Real random i know but bear with me…

In hitman 2016 i always felt the names of ETs were a bit lazy (e.g. the chef). But in hitman 2 they really stepped it up! I loved the undying and the revolutionary particularly. However the latest one, the politician, makes it seem like it will continue as season 1 did.

This is probably just me who cares about their names but my favourite ones were

The undying
The revolutionary
The angel of death

If we had a whole season of badass names like these i would be very happy

-but seriously, the chef…


Also feel free to add any names you can think of!

The Past
The Present
The Future

A great 3 target mission eliminating an entire generation!


We’ve already got “The Past” and “The Present” as codenames for Janus and Nolan Cassidy respectively.


Then who would be The Future, do you think? Hmm…


Also, this is somewhat unrelated, but on the topic of elusive targets, it would be hilarious if Mark Faba (The Undying) actually came back like it was said he did.


Names for future Elusive Targets, ehh??

“The Pain”

“The Fear”

“The End”

“The Sorrow”

“The Fury”

“The Joy”



Eh, I’m afraid I’d have to disagree with you on that one. Yeah it might be funny, but it would be a total slap in the face of 47’s character as a whole. 47 gets the job done. Always… Having Faba reappearing, waving to 47 with a smirk on his face saying; “Mission Failed, my friend.” Would be a disgrace lol please IO, DON’T do this for the sake of a few laughs that will be short lived, anyway. Isn’t it bad enough you had 47 get electrocuted by Skurky in Abs and Sanchez knocking the F*** out of 47 in a failed fiber wire attempt? Just keep it classy…


I’ve just assumed from the day he appeared that this would eventually be the case. I’m 100% behind the idea; it would be AMAZING. I’m hoping he’s Elusive Target #12 so that he can ACTUALLY be killed and that would be when we unlock ‘The Undying Look’ suit.


which is precisely why he should come back. having 47 be this angel of death that never fails just gets boring as fuck after a while, and IO realised this with absolution. unfortunately they went too far with it and made him incompetent. if 47 met somebody that was ACTUALLY his equal it might be the start to a decent character arc, his first one in ages (won’t happen because they’re ETs but still)


That’s his character though? That’s who he’s supposed to be. That’s like saying; “seeing Batman dress like a bat just gets boring after a while.” And technically he can fail (we the players control him lol)

He did though. The 48 series, and Agent 17. They were all on par with 47. Maybe not as superior, but far more so than his usual targets in the series that were just regular people.


it’s more like saying “Batman constantly winning with no struggle or challenge gets boring after a while” - and it does. the most basic rule of writing good characters and stories is to introduce new challenges and hurdles that the protagonists have to overcome, partly so because it makes the moment where the protag comes out on top that much more satisfing!

sidenote, if your protagonist’s character is that he’s the best and never fails, your protagonist is pretty shit. flaws are what makes a character interesting, and having Faba survive 47 simply because 47 didn’t confirm the kill due to his arrogance and hubris would be a hell of a lot more interesting

they were absolutely not, in fact in every encounter he had with them they ended up dead! Faba being the first to outsmart 47 and get away alive would be great, he could even become a recurring character.

in fact your Batman analogy is hugely flawed because it fails to take into account the fact that Batman is so interesting because of his huge rogues gallery, people that toy with him and manipulate his weaknesses and show us that he’s not perfect by any means.


Well, if Faba will return (which imo very little chance to happen), explaining would be something like: that was doppelganger in “Undying” . I don’t know how he could survive multiple shots in face, for example (PALAS opportunity). So technically it wouldn’t be 47’s failure, he successfully killed the man who was identified as Faba by Agency.


No, because those were completely justified. 47 had no equipment but his fiber wire with Sanchez, and understandably wasn’t wxpecting him to be a superhuman brute. Skurky simply caught 47 off guard, which IS possible, and 47 was on a rescue mission, not an assassination, and had only that one hallway to move through which Skurky has rigged up. The sheriff just got lucky. So 47 was not paying attention in the way he normally would while working, in both incidents, which he fully acknowledged. Notice how it never happened again? It was completely acceptable; 47 might be a better human, but he’s still human. You want an example of a slap in the face for 47, read the Absolution tie-in prequel novel, Damnation.

This is the only way Faba’s return would be acceptable. Maybe he’s even secretly part of a cloning program and he did die all those times… it just wasn’t the original Faba. Either way, it would be the ICA’s fault for not providing correct info, not 47s. Maybe, if they bring him back, there could be some DNA sample that must be collected to compare with Faba’s that ICA has on record, making it a second objective to obtain it in order to confirm that it’s the real Faba and then 47 truly kills him for good.


We have seen a lot of unique, cold and/or badass assassinations in this series but Absolution’s assassination of 47’s character remains by far the most impressive and tragic.


Yeah, I’ve recently realised that if Birdie didn’t ask for Silverballers, 47 would just shoot Sanchez and Dexter without attracting attention and game would end right here)

Yeah I guess in this game he’s kinda in depression after shooting Diana, loosing ends with ICA, losing Silverballers etc.

That was exactly my opinion.


You have a lot of controversial comments. But this one was just… Gold! If I could do more than give one heart I would :smile:


Controversial? No but I would say confrontational or unique? But nevertheless I thank you.

I always love coming up with new and interesting ways to emasculate Absolution artistically.


I love absolution, it got me into the series, and I want to play it again but no way I’m playing £50 for it.

You have to admit Blackwater Hotel is good tho (plz)


I love the design of Blackwater Park but I am a sucker for Art Deco period. All in all I only love the architecture of the game (save for the Dexter Industry parts where it is generic grey military lab)


Well, he technically did confirm the kill, Diana even says it too. So it was indeed confirmed, I don’t know what you’re talking about lol

If like @scat1620 said, if it’s a doppelgänger, fine. 47 just eliminated who he was instructed to. I just personally hope Faba doesn’t make a return is all.

What made him so interesting as a target is that over a dozen times, people failed to kill him, so they called 47 to get the job done (and for certain this time) I like that concept and hope they stick with it.

47 dealt with people way more dangerous and intelligent than Faba. So to get outsmarted by him of all people? Ehh…

Oh I did… sadly… I did :persevere: