Elusive Target Titles


that’s the concept behind basically all of the elusive targets… 47 is operating in a limited time window because this is the one shot he’ll get and they can’t afford to miss it. that’s certainly not the thing that makes Faba stand out, it’s how he taunts the ICA because he knows that he’s always one step ahead. to totally squander that potential because “47 is a good assassin” is a waste

which is exactly why it would be good to see him back, subversion of expectations (both ours and 47’s)

introducing that character flaw to 47, that after 20 years of being a contract killer for the ICA he’s become too much of a showman and because of that failed to do the most important part, which is make sure the guy is ACTUALLY dead, is something that’s desperately needed, as of now he’s just too perfect and it really shows in the quality of the overarching story

dangerous maybe, but Faba isn’t meant to be a threat to 47 or the ICA. he isn’t armed, he doesn’t fight back or kill the people after him. that’s what makes him so unique, he’s incredibly intelligent and he knows he’s the best at what he does so he can afford to stay super chill even when he knows 47 is on his trail, which is great because it draws parallels with 47 and gives Faba actual character.


Tbh, assuming that it wasn’t IO-I’s attempt at an in-joke, Faba’s scene with the disguised 47 where he asks how he would kill him indicates to me that he knew exactly who 47 was the entire time he was there. I for one love the idea of 47 finally having someone who outwits his basically omnipotent character, even if it’s just the once


yeah well he certainly knew of 47 and that he would be coming for him, I believe he’s fascinated by him and is quite proud that he’s important enough to be 47’s target. this is a really cool dynamic that I’d love to see play out


Faba really is too good of a character to be discarded so quickly, he has a lot of potential. A cocky, antagonistic bastard who knows he’s as good as 47 squaring off against him sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me.

One of those villains who really doesn’t take anything seriously and sees it more as one big, elaborate puzzle to be solved


Did anybody NOT love everything about this ET? Is it the one thing we can actually all agree on? :joy:


It didn’t do anything wrong to 47’s character. What game did you play, because it sure wasn’t Absolution.

Very true, but it must be done in such a way that it seems like 47 actually failed.


It certainly was. I confirmed the kill. Several times.


Uhhh, lemme try… His shirt should have been done up? :man_shrugging:


Wrong. Nothing that was wrong with Absolution (and there were very few things) had anything to do with 47’s character.


Yeah, the only way I can see that working is if IO-I come out with a canon kill for Faba (like a poisoning Faba could have an antidote for, or a fall he had practiced surviving, etc.)


Annnnnnnnnnnd we’re done.


The only plausible way for Faba to come back is if the first guy was a body double.

You can’t practice surviving that woodchipper in the corner of the map :rofl:


Hence the need for a canon kill that would explain Faba’s survival. I’m pretty sure there are already a couple within the lore of H1 & H2


I think it’s implied smothering Janus is canon as Zoe mentions he died in his sleep


that’s because the true reason he died is being kept hidden from the Ark Society, so as not to cause any trouble at his wake


I was about to write just that. Certainly the impression I got.


I’m almost certain Zoe told the members a comfortable lie there, because it is so clear that he didn’t die in his sleep to any guard present


…Thinking this topic should be called ET Titles. “Names” would be like Mark Faba, his title ‘The Undying’. Etta Davis (name), Angel of Death (title)… and so on.

If we’re worried about the creativity of these titles - we might think of them as their ICA File names/titles… If you’ve seen those mock-ups (pictures) of targets where they have a manila folder, paper clip, a typed out description, and the target’s photo… That’s where they’d be used.

The cutscene intro for them is just way fancier.

I just had an idea…

ETA: (This wasn’t the ^idea)

Speaking of Absolution (and ETs), I’ve said it before, I’ll gladly say it again… I think Birdie, and maybe even Cosmo Faulkner should make returns as ETs… Actually, bonus missions would be better since we’d get to revisit them any ol’ time. But ETs seem much more likely if they were to return in any capacity.

Their Titles? The Pig and Pigeon. :laughing:


No, the fact that a dozen Assassins failed BEFORE 47 is what makes him stand out (to me anyway)

Oh, he’s dead. Believe me lol I fiber wired him then shot him in the face 3 times with the SilverBaller just to be sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did you nuke the site from orbit, though?