Elusive Target Titles


Nah, that would have left casualties. That’s not very professional lol but strangling him to death and then three shots to the face with a .45? He ain’t getting up from that, man. Be real :joy:


I dunno man, it only needs one egg left undestroyed and before you know it BOOM! Full infestation.


Well, in the words of Lucas Grey “I’ll take my chances.” :wink:


Faba’s main thing is that just like 47, he’s a showman, but instead of making his kills a big spectacle like 47 often does, he makes his deaths a big spectacle. you can certainly pick that up if you listen to his conversations in the ET, he’s planning another big scheme that will leave everyone fooled. point being, what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? we don’t know nearly enough about what Faba can do yet to say conclusively that he’s dead, no matter what our headcanon “kills” are.

I don’t know what’s special about that, it’s certainly nothing new that 47 is who they send in when they need the best. in fact it’s been a running theme for the entire series, an example being how desperate the ICA is to have him back in Silent Assassin. 47’s best not being enough actually shakes things up enough to make it both interesting to observe as a player and also gives 47 an excuse to not make the same mistake twice, which is a nice change as he never seems to fucking learn in these games


Well, to my knowledge. Faba was the first target 47 ever had that a dozen people that went after him, failed. That’s all I meant by him being “special”


yeah but really that’s all just numbers, the concept of 47 going after people that are thought to be untouchable is something that’s been around since the original, this is just an extension of that. I don’t really think that minor shakeup is what makes Faba such a memorable target but 🤷


Hey, fair enough man. I see what you’re saying but that’s just the way (I) feel about him :man_shrugging::slightly_smiling_face:


Mark Faba stands out because he’s based on and voiced by an actual, real-life celebrity who is famous for always dying while the character he’s playing in this case both plays this straight and inverts it, and that celebrity got his own trailer to launch this batch of Elusive Targets. That’s why The Undying stands out.


The Douchebag? The Asshole? The Bad Mother Fucker?


Okay, seriously:

These may have been done before, I haven’t played S1 ETs

  • The Fan
  • The Audiophile
  • The Recluse
  • The Charlatan
  • The Twitch

Give me time and I can think of more


Oh yay a new opportunity to fuck around with and not take seriously.

The Oenophile
The Numismatist
The Cruciverbalist
The Philatelist
The Felicitater


Is this a dig at my expertly crafted target Titles?


What no. If you have seen how I acted in the “What profession should 47 be next” thread you will know I don’t take suggestion threads seriously. Besides I don’t exactly carry the theme you set up barring audiophile.

My next selection of names, I hope will be just as good


That’s what made me think that.

I gotta admit, I only know what one of those means

Edit: Nope, never mind. Was thinking of Facilitator


An oenophile is a wine enthusiast, a numismatist is a coin collector, a cruciverbalist is a term for a crossword solver, a philatelist is a stamp collector and a felicitater would be one who felicitates (celebrates)


Alright I have more for you IO
The Phylactery
The Hwacha
The Eucharist
The Mekong
The Qwising

For reference a phylactery is a a box containing an item of import, a hwacha is a Korean proto-artillery unit from the middle ages. The Eucharist is normally called Communion. The Mekong is a river in SE Asia and a qwisiling is a betrayal.


The Pedophile
The Misanthrope
The Republican
The Token Minority
The Derrière
The Jedi
The Corpse
The Ford F-150
The Muffin Man
The Yeti
The Mask
The Douchebag
The Happening
The Ex-Wife

(This is a goddamn fun one!)


Damn I should have though of The Happening.



Also nice.


The Hussar
The Cuirassier
The Chaseur
The Minuteman
The Ghost Dancer
The Boeing AH-64 (No this is not your sociologically flawed meme. I am genuinely referring to the vehicle. Those fuckers are deadly it could be 47’s Hind D!:joy:)
The Riverdancer
The Highlander (Not the movie, the regiment)
The Ninja


"The Piano Man" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Target is spawned randomly every time for everyone. This mission can only be played in 1st person and must be eliminated with Fiber Wire. Target can also sneak up and kill 47 the same way.

Obviously this will never happen and I’m sure a lot wouldn’t be interested in it anyway. But for me? A dream come true!!!