Elusive Target Titles


The Vigilante
The Pizza Guy
The Sith Lord
The Mixologist
The Internet Critic
The Wedding Videographer
The Breakdancer
The Ace
The Census Taker
The Tax Assessor
The Third Rock From The Sun
The Spider From Mars
The Jesus
The Dude


2 targets in a outdoor wedding in Whittleton Creek!


The Ju-Ju Man
The Previews Voice Guy
The Dentist
The Macarena
The Proctologist
The Scout Leader
The Lottery Winner
The Lottery Loser
The Karate Kid
The Milky Way
The Crazy Cat Lady
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
The Cigarette Smoking Man
The Man In The Moon
The Predator
The Cellist
The Bassist
The Drummer
The Backup Singer
The Understudy
The Asshole Who Forgot To Put The Lugnuts Back On Ron White’s Goddamn Van
The King Of The Monsters
The Evil Dead
The Grateful Dead
The Living Dead
The Walking Dead
The Quick And The Dead
The House of the Dead
The Nutty Professor
The Nutty Fruit Bar
The Powder Fluff Pearls
The Ku Klux Klan
The Wu-Tang Clan
The Rainforest
The Crabs
The Mumps
The Point At Which This Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore
The Test Pilot
The Crash Dummy
The Curator
The Raging Workaholic
The Working Rageaholic
The Serial Killer
The Cereal Eater
The Grinch
The Bungee Jumper
The Illegal Immigrant
The Legal Immigrant
The Valentine
The Secret Admirer
The Admired Secreter
The Boulanger
The Spartan
The Butcher
The Baker
The Candlestick Maker
The Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe
Ryan Reynolds (for some reason)


The Space Cowboy
The Pompatus of Love
The Joker
The Midnight Toker
The Lover, Not The Fighter
The Boy In The Bubble
The Moop
The Hoople
The Pinball Wizard
The Story Of Johnny Rotten
The Dandy Warhol
The Popinjay
The Nicknamer
The Return Of The Living Dead
The King Of The High Cs
The Kayaker
The Voyageur
The Poacher
The Bridge Over Trouble Water
The Adult Contemporary Musician
The 99 Percent
The 1 Percent
The Rear Admiral
The Commodore
The Commodores
The Figher Pilot
The Dreaded Red Baron
There Is No Point Where This Joke Dies
Ryan Gosling (for being more handsome than me)


You’re getting it!

Although, you forgot to add The Smoker between The Joker and The Midnight Toker. Wish I’d have thought of that one.

And 3 we both forgot:

The Good
The Bad
The One With A Sever Appearance Deficit (because it’s not PC to call people ugly anymore)


I am getting it? Mate I am the king of this need I point you towards the professions thread?

Alright now that shit is getting old.

I mean it is never right to call a guy or gal ugly. Our species has been arbitrarily angry at it for over 2000 plus years.

See I’ll do it The Ugly
The Fist Full Of Dollars
The Good Die Young
The [Redacted]
The Master Of The Queen’s Ocean
The Pirate Of Penzance


Pandora’s Box has been opened


Muh ha ha
The Maniacal Laugh


The Corypeus
The Surfer
The Surf Ninja
The Surf Nazi
The Great War
The The
The Grand Illusion
The Great Pretender
The Spanish Inquisition
The Expected
The Unexpected
The Element Of Surprise
The Spanish Inquisition!
The Rector
The Pastor
The Pasta
The Gingerbread Man
The Bell Tolls
The Man Of Constant Sorrow
The Day After The Night Before
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
The White Knight Upon His Steed
The Knight In Shining Armour
The Darkness
The Blank


It’s neither right, nor wrong. It’s a subjective opinion, yes, but it doesn’t hurt anyone except in their mind. Ergo, neither OK, nor not OK, to do.

The Catcher In The Rye
The Pimp
The Spruce Goose
The Early Bird
The Cameo
The Guy From Cameo
The Horse You Rode In On
The Peacock
The Boogyman
The Clown
The Mime
The Other Darin
The Asshat
The Creme De La Creme
The Alpha
The Omega
The Man Who Would Be Burger King
The Ball And Chain
The Right Man For The Job
The Flight Attendant
The Bitch
The Heavyweight Champion
The Green Mile
The Salesman
The Heavy Lifter
The Heavy Drinker
The Light Sleeper
The Federation Starship Enterprise
The Final Countdown
The Prisoner Of Azkaban
The Natural
The Cabin In The Woods
The Devil’s Rejects
The Projectile Vomiter
The Janitor
The Erectile Disfunction
The Great Attractor
The Day After Tomorrow


The Beginning
The End (you missed those)
The Omega Man
The Running Man
The Vinyl Countdown
The Man Who Wasn’t There
The Third Man
The Third Option
The Goddamn Batman!!
The Crying Lot Of 49
The Master Of All He Surveys
The Lord and Commander
The Battle Of Austerlitz
The Death Of A Thousand Cuts
The Lindy Hop
The Things Left Unspoken
The Sweet Smell Of Success
The Colour Of Money
The Master and Commander
The Valet
The Stalwart Manservant
The Archon
The Cavalier
The HMS Barque Endeavour
The Federation Starship Voyager
The Lion
The Witch
The Wardrobe
The Once And Future King
The Queen Of Sweden
The New World Man
The Trees
The Method Man
The Ancien Regime
The Rats Of Tobruk
The Alan Parson’s Project
The Games People Play
The Sound Of Silence


The Return To Grace
The Little House On The Prairie
The Special Victims Unit
The Ice Truck Killer
The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music
The Season Finale
The Producers
The Frighteners
The Lord Of The Rings
The Hobbit
The Lion King
The Way You Look Tonight
The Suspicion That At This Point We’re Just Throwing Out References For The Sake Of It
The Continental
The Craps Table
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
The Artist Who Formerly Phoned With Sprint
The Penniless Frenchman
The Landscaper
The Troublemaker
The Rugrats
The White Album
The Black Album
The Fly In The Ointment
The Monkey And The Wrench
The Pain In The Ass


The Fall Of The House Of Usher
The Call Is Coming From Inside The House!
The Terror At 30,000 Feet
The Luggage That Wound Up At Cleveland
That 50 Dollar Note I Found In The Couch
The Silmarillion
The Pauper
The Mack Daddy
The Daddy Of The Mack Daddy
The Hotstepper
The Stepford Cuckoo
The Stepford Wife
The Midwich Cuckoo
The X-Men
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Mid-Series Finale
The Hills Have Eyes
The Fall From Grace
The Simpsons
The Simpson’s 1000th Episode
The Rocketeer
The Fourth Musketeer
The Fifth Beatle
The Heathers
The Paranoid Android
The Paver Of A Vast Hypergalactic Bypass
The Memo
The Message
The Truth (Is Out There)
The Importance Of Being Earnest


Oh god yes! He probably would do it as well :smile: and he’s playing a crappy superhero, but he’s wearing a shitty mocap suit they’re going to CGI later.

Obviously need a katana kill (Deadpool)
Buried alive (Buried)
Virus kill (Life)

Also he’s been in a film called The Hitman’s Bodyguard, I mean come on


Oh yeah, that is your reason to kill him Tyrant.


The Infomercialist

You kill him by throwing your briefcase at him


Oh are were rebooting dumb names? I have a few.
The Jetboater
The Luchadore
The Bagpiper
The Supervillain
The Living Nightmare


Wow I have filled yet another topic with abstract shit and pop-culture references. Good job me!


There’s enough ETs here for centuries of gameplay. :mage:

The Forever Man


The Man On The Edge Of Tomorrow
The Foundation