Elusive Target Titles


Is it nuts that I am excited about the Fugitive appearing in just over an hour? Especially considering I completed that one before?


No we all want that damn white Yamuta or however you spell it


Well done, now I’ve got anxiety about not getting SA. It starts during every ET. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Glad to see somebody got these in :blush:


The Tinker
The Tailor
The Solider
The Spy



Really all these obvious ones? You guys ain’t ready for the big leagues.
The Choir Invisible
The Stiff
The Bereft Of Life
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Metal Guru
The Electric Warrior
The Highwayman
The Sailor
The Dam Builder
The Starship Captain
The Viscount Of Kirkwall
The Baron Of Freedonia


The Paedofinder General



Murdoch should really just call all of his newspapers NewsCorp. [Insert Country or Locality] After a while it is all the same Yellow Journalism.


The Overlord
The Regular
The Leader
The Patron
The Epicurean
An Indefinite Article


nice, @Kent


The Epic Gamer
The Fortnite gamer

These need to be taken down A.S.A.P.