Elusive Target Unlocks for Legacy Maps


Hi guys, first time poster here! I was just wondering if anybody knows if we will be able to get the location specific suits gloves for the legacy maps? Are IO planning to (re-)release elusive targets for Paris, Sapienza etc? Really want my tuxedo with gloves back in HITMAN 2


Would be great. I was wondering myself, why they didn’t transfer those suits. Maps are transfered, but ET rewards not. It’s kind of a weird. Maybe in a year or two. Cuz I think they’ll be focusing on H2 and upcoming H3, hopefully.
And also those GOTY bundles, which were never released on PC, but they promised.
Not GOTY, but 20th IOI Anniversary bundles where are Mini Ninjas&Lynch&Freedom Phantom disguises are


I assume they’ll be unlocks for the locations again when they release new Elusive Targets on the Legacy Pack maps.


So basically 3 succesfull legacy elusives killed = Futo Suit, 6= Lynch Suit, 9= Freedom Phantom Suit?
I like this idea.


I was referring to the question in the OP.

As for the Anniversary Suit Bundle, apparently IO has some plans on how it will be released. I think I saw that in the reddit AMA (or was it a live stream…).


I remember it.
I think Travis said that they have something in store regarding these suits.


I think it will come in December sometime around Christmas


Has it been confirmed these suits will be coming into Hitman 2? makes sense to really as they were only in S1 for a few months


Perhaps there are some legal issues with the anniversary suits since IO don’t own Kane & Lynch or Mini Ninjas anymore?


Can’t be. The suits were there in pre-release copies of the game that we got footage of around the time of Ghost Mode being announced that people were allowed to release.

It wasn’t like the footage was from a leaked private release.


Guy’s it’s safe to say all unreleased S1 content will be released in updates. Expects to see all suits and items in the future.


Alright cool, i can wait :wink:


I personally want my Italian suit with gloves and the casual suit with gloves back.

All the content for elusive targets on H1 legacy maps already exist and has been on rotation for the second or third time now on the H1 platform.

They should just have all of those elusive targets active now on rotation week to week to keep us busy while they cook up new H2 elusives…

Could even have H1 elusives and H2 elusive targets active simultaneously? That would be epic.


all of the S1 ET unlocks are in the game even location specific aswell


I hope the colorado unlock gets rid of the hat :smile: