Elusive Targets 2nd Chance?

Hi, quick question about Elusive Targets. Back on H2016, once they had trotted out all ETs, they re-ran them all (roughly) in order as a second chance for late-comers. I’ve missed out on most of the ETs so far, so I was wondering if IO have confirmed any plans to do the same this time? :crossed_fingers::persevere::crossed_fingers:

they’re still doing that in H2. they probably wont touch 2016 again

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Yeah, sorry, to clarify, I meant second chances at all the H2 ETs. Thanks :smiley:

oh idk. most likely they will rerun the H2 ETs later on

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I hope so! I did the first, missed the second, so decided to wait for the second run and just upload the first one when it’s rereleased… hopefully it’s rereleased! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This could happen, however be prepared to wait a significant amount of time, can’t see it happening in the next 12 months.


Damn :cry::cry::cry: