Elusive Targets Do-over

Can you please make elusive targets re-doable again because sometimes mistakes happen?

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They come back more than enough times already and still continue to with the “Legacy Targets”

While I’m totally 100% against it, IO may as well just bring them back permanently because this topic is never going to die. Someone will always complain no matter what. I mean damn, they were supposed to be Elusive and even when IO folded they brought them back (numerous times) and yet people STILL complain wanting them back, offering “suggestions” on how to bring them back to keep it “fair” and all that nonsense I’m tired of it. Just bring them back IO because threads like this are getting on my last nerves. Mistakes happen… sure. But that’s the name of the game (well it was.) one chance… that’s gone

God damn threads like this just scream entitlement… this is how they were supposed to be in the first place. Elusive.

All this because of stupid ass suits that mean NOTHING! If you passed just one then be grateful. IO owes you nothing but the main game we all paid for. ET are just a side dish.

IO should just strip the suits from the ET “rewards” and just offer a Suit Pack. If people wanna pay real money for stupid crap like that, by all means…

ET shouldn’t even have “rewards” tied to them to begin with actually now that I think about it.


I feel the only reasons Elusive Targets should be replayable is because of the suit unlocks (and weapons thanks to the Undying) and the challenges being incomplete if you failed or missed a target. I would be fine with true Elusive Targets had they made an alternative way to unlock the suits or weapons, which let’s be real, it looks like they never will.


David Bateson explains it far better than I ever could:


IMO the only reason to re-do Elusive Targets is in the case that you’ve succesfully completed it. Only because it’s such a waste of a mission and it’d be interesting to have it in your archive if you succeeded at it to replay in other ways (although these extra runs shouldn’t count for leaderboards)

But I’m still fine with a one-shot only for ETs.

I think the recycling is good because of new players like me who started playing Hitman just a few months ago, and missed nearly all of them. Now I can do past ET missions whenever they show up again.

Other than that, it’s supposed to account for mistakes. This is the most realistic hitman experience. You’re supposed to execute it with little to no margin of error.
We already have an entire game with Save Games and retries. It’s just fair that we get <0.5% of the game content in the form of hit or miss Elusive Targets.

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When all of Hitman trilogy is done they should put ETs on a weekly loop that anyone can play. If you haven’t gotten certain challenges on it before they’ll pop but you can’t just SA The Forger twelve times to get most of the suits.

That’s how I’d do it


This would defeat the purpose of being an elusive target.

The only option I consider a proper solution to it is that they allow players who actually beat the ET while it’s activation time to have the mission in their archive to just replay it. Some of the ET are really fun and it is a shame that their missions are gone after you beat them.


I don’t see why, as part of the reward for successfully completing an ET, you can’t keep it in your “archive” to replay the contract from the ET menu and try other methods just as you would on other levels. The “Special Assignments” just made me think how much replayability having all the old ETs to hand would bring. Maybe you have to still beat them once to unlock them (like you do the suits) but once you do you keep them?

An Elusive Target can fail because of the game, so why shouldn’t a restart be allowed then?

The purpose is already defeated when we’ve had them come back twice already

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Way I see it is that ET’s were supposed to be one time only way back in 2017 when we had The Artist- Painter guy in Paris. You may remember that back at the time ET’s were out for only 2 days or so. Then they failed with their episodic release strategy and had a lot of trouble during squexit.
I think they reevaluated their initial thought about ET’s beeing one time only when we got our hands on second chance in first season.
And now it’s entirely different game Hitman 2. The Undying were there 2 times already. Old targets bering recycled.
I think they will see endless potential to keep final World of Assassination even bigger once we get everything at the end of trilogy.

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Case in point


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Crashes allows you to restart though. Alongside disconnection and alt+f4. So there isn’t really a case there.

The only ways you can’t restart is if you exit to the menu after completing an objective or die.

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I remember somebody said that they failed one or two Elusives due to crashes

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I remember cases where when IO actually looked into it, it indeed was either by death or by exiting after doing objectives.

I am kinda suspicious in people claiming crashes ruined it when such a case seems never be recorded or something.

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At least do the Sean Bean ones that have unlocks tied to them

Yeah, I don’t believe this either, cuz I think forcibly closed app can be equalled to a crash.
And after closing the game I personally always can play ET again

I think after they finish supporting the game they should unlock all ET and give them a refresh period similar to Diana speaking now. This would be a more favorable scenario as it provides people a chance to unlock suits that they missed and or just replay the targets. Or we can have a daily/weekly “ticket” amount of how many times we can play ET. Example 3 tickets per day/week. Of course we risk the factor of microtransactions…


Lol that was a fun thread.

The justification his buddies were secretly booting his console to play and fail an ET is one of my favorite posts in this forum!